Big Ben and London streetscape — Photo by Lucas Davies / Unsplash

Dual degrees

Earn a master's degree from the Munk School and another leading university in just two years

Dual degree programs

Munk School students have the opportunity to stretch their degree across continents by earning two distinct and complementary master's degrees in just over two years. Students in a dual degree program graduate with a multidisciplinary approach to global affairs and a truly multicultural perspective, and benefit from the unique academic strengths of each institution, the depth of the networks centered in their geographic region and their wide-reaching internship resources.

Study in London at the LSE

Master of Public Administration (MPA) from LSE / Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from UofT

The dual degree between the University of Toronto and the London School of Economics and Political Science will allow you to gain two distinct and complementary degrees. You'll spend the first year in London pursuing a Master of Public Administration, followed by a global internship, and the second year in Toronto studying for the MGA.

Study in Paris at Sciences Po — Cyril Mazarin/Unsplash

Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Sciences Po / Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from UofT

Sciences Po is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading schools for political science and international relations. Students in the dual degree program pursue a Master of Public Policy in Paris during the first year, complete a summer internship, and join the Munk School’s MGA program for the second year.

The top of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Master of International Affairs from the Hertie School / Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from UofT

The Hertie School of Governance in Berlin is a leading European hub for research, policy and public engagement. Students begin the program in Berlin pursuing a Master of International Affairs, do a global internship over the summer and spend the second year at the Munk School in the Master of Global Affairs program.