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MGA Student ambassadors

Curious about the Master of Global Affairs program? Why not speak to one of our students? 

The MGA program has a group of dedicated student ambassadors to help you understand and navigate the program. To speak with one of our MGA student ambassadors, contact

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MGA students on campus
Yunji Hwang

Yunji Hwang

Yunji Hwang is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate at University of British Columbia (UBC) in History and Law & Society. Upon graduation she worked for the Canadian Red Cross, in which she managed the Long-Term Health Equipment Loan program designed to provide free health equipment loans and maintenance to low-income seniors and people with disabilities. In her spare time she volunteered in multiple projects of which one was for the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at UBC, where she organized a panel discussion on conflict-related gendered sexual violence in Asia featuring three human rights activists and scholars. She also manages the Instagram account, “Commemorating Comfort Women”, dedicated to remembering the stories of the survivors of the Japanese military sexual slavery system during WWII. Her research interests include global development & inequality, transnational justice, and human rights, specifically in relation to conflict and sexual violence. She is also pursuing the MGA/MBA joint program as she aspires to use business as an effective tool to address world challenges. She is a swimming and dancing enthusiast and a huge gastronome who loves exploring diverse cuisines. With the completion of the MGA/MBA degree, it is her long-term goal to establish an NGO that can contribute to tackling gendered violence not only in conflict, but also in our daily lives.

Grace Wang

Grace Wang

Grace Wang is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Chemistry. During her undergrad years, she worked as an Analytical Chemist and also had the opportunity to study abroad in Konstanz, Germany to further broaden her understanding of German culture and improve her German language skills. Grace is currently working for the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Officer, where she has held various positions over the past six years, contributing to Canada’s national security. In her second year, Grace will be taking MBA courses at the Rotman School of Management as part of the three-year combined MGA/MBA program. Grace is interested in learning about strategy, defense, and intelligence. She is happy to chat about the combined MGA/MBA program and her experiences so far in the MGA, specifically as someone coming from a physical sciences background.

Image of a person names Theodros Zeamanuel.

Theodros Zeamanuel

Theodros is a Master of Global Affairs candidate at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. His academic focus is mainly on Global Security. Since joining the Munk school, Theodros has been working on developing consulting skills participating in case competitions on affordable housing and healthcare access and outcomes with notable achievements such as advancing to the finals in the KPMG Public Sector Shift Case Competition 2023. Theodros is currently serving as a Policy Analyst for the Policy Innovation Initiative. Previously, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto, where he earned accolades like the Kathleen Watson Memorial Award for academic excellence. He has a keen interest in political and philosophical topics and is passionate about learning diverse perspectives and cultural experiences.

Image of a person named Ananya.

Ananya Kaumudi Mallubhotla

Ananya is a first year Master of Global Affairs student. She completed an Honours Bachelor's program in Health Sciences and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa in 2019. She worked as an employee within the Canadian Federal Public service until 2023. She has worked as a Junior Business Analyst with the Department of Employment and Social Development where she gained expertise in program operations and the delivery of high-level grants and contributions for various social programs including the Women’s  Employment Readiness Program, Skills for Success, Future Skills, Supporting Black Canadian Communities etc. In the last few years she worked for the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development as an Industry officer in the Life Sciences and Biomanufacturing Branch that aimed to promote economic development within Canada’s Life Science industry. She also wants to do a collaborative specialization in Public Health at Dalla Lana to continue nurturing her passion for STEM while pursuing the MGA. She decided to pursue the prestigious MGA degree to expand her knowledge of international relations, explore the unique work opportunities, and to enjoy the fun social environment that Munk and the city of TO has to offer! As an Indo-Canadian, Ananya believes that embracing her Eastern and Western roots is a foundational part of her identity. She is a trained Indian classical Bharatnatyam dancer, and a Carnatic music singer. In the past, she had the honour of representing the Canadian South Asian Senators for the 2016, 2018 South Asian Heritage Month on Parliament Hill. She also performed and MC'd, on other renowned platforms such as the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber of Ottawa, The Great India Festival, TD South Asian Fest. 


Image of a person named Maya.

Maya Rotstein

Maya is currently a first-year Master of Global Affairs candidate at Munk. She completed her undergraduate degree in International Development at McGill University. Maya has a variety of interdisciplinary passions including refugee rights, sustainability, development aid effectiveness, and Indigenous rights. She currently carries out research regarding innovation in emerging tech sectors in Canada and encouraging collaboration with governments to boost economic growth, as well as tax policy reform for public service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, she has become interested in pursuing a career that mobilizes increased private sector investment to work towards achieving the SDGs. Maya has had experience interning at the UNHQ, and currently is a Team Lead for the Public Good Initiative, Junior Associate for Consulting Careers Initiative, and a Policy Analyst at Indigenous Policy Initiative. In her spare time, she enjoys any activity outdoors, whether running, hiking, travelling, or swimming.  


Image of a person named ibk.

Ibukun-oluwa Saigbe 

Ibukun-Oluwa (Ibk), is a first-year candidate for the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program comes with a background in Economics and Political Science. She currently serves as the Outreach Coordinator for the Global development Initiative and is the Equity advisor for the MGASA. Being an international student herself, Ibk is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights and guidance on challenges that international students may encounter and how they can find their footing at the Munk School. Additionally, as an entrance scholarship recipient and Research Assistant for an Associate Professor at the Munk School, she can give tips and tricks on how to manage financial aspects during the program.  

Image of a person named Claire.

Claire Posno

Claire is a Master of Global Affairs candidate at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, with majors in Criminology and Sociology. Claire's interests lie in the ways innovation and global development affect people at the community level. Unpacking how borders and surveillance will evolve in the Arctic and the implications this will have on Indigenous Peoples is a focus Claire is currently deepening. Her role as a policy analyst at Munk's Indigenous Policy Initiative allows her to improve her understanding of these complex dynamics. Claire's commitment to addressing the challenges faced by communities is evident in her research, where she has published work that discusses security measures against marginalized people at border crossings and intimate partner violence against women. Outside of academics, Claire enjoys being physically active. She currently volunteers at a yoga studio and was a gymnastics teacher for children after training for fifteen years in the sport.


Image of a person named Elyssa.

Elyssa Pullella

Elyssa, is first year of the Master of Global Affairs program at the Munk School. She has a background in Commerce and is pursuing an emphasis in global markets and security. She is interested in both the complexities of global markets and understanding the dynamic nature of the evolving geopolitical landscape. At Munk, she is part of two student-led initiatives, the Mental Health Policy Initiative and PATH: Career Introduction & Exploration Series. Both these opportunities have helped her foster connections, develop her professional skillset and become involved in the vibrant Munk community. 


Image of a person named Claudia.

Claudia Velimirovic

Claudia is a first year student pursuing the combined Master of Global Affairs and Master of Business Administration. Her passion for topics in development and global affairs began at McGill University where she graduated with an honours degree in International Development Studies. At Munk, she looks forward to exploring the intersection between markets, security, and development. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, practicing ballet, and trying new restaurants in the city. 

Image of a person named Zoe.

Zoe Shore

Zoe is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster Univerity in the Integrated Business and Humanities Program. At McMaster, she volunteered with local organizations and non-profits such as the Hamilton Encampment Support Network, and 541 Eatery and Exchange. She also had the opportunity to travel abroad at the Univerity of Laussane in Switzerland, to study French and International Business. At Munk, Zoe is involved in the Global Development and Mental Health Policy student-led initiatives. Her areas of interest include global markets, international development, and social entrepreneurship.

Image of a person named Rubaiyet.

Rubaiyet Binte Nazmul

Rubaiyet is a career diplomat from Bangladesh, having joined the Bangladesh Foreign Office in April 2019. She has worked in consular, administration, International trade, Investment & Technology, North America, and South America wings in the Ministry. She is in the first year of Master of Global Affairs at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Fellowship by the Government of Bangladesh in 2023. She completed her MSc in Renewable Energy Technology from the University of Dhaka, following her earlier accomplishment of a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 2016. Her interests encompass climate change, sustainability, green energy, energy security, cyber security, global development, and human rights issues. She plans to return to her position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh and to contribute significantly to her country and the global community by applying the knowledge and skills acquired during her studies at UofT.

Image of a person named Autry.

Autry Johnson

Autry is a first-year student pursuing a Master of Global Affairs (MGA) degree at Munk. He is an enrolled citizen of the Forest County Potawatomi who grew up on his father’s reservation in rural northern Wisconsin. Throughout his whole life, Autry has always challenged and questioned the nuances of colonialism and settler-colonialism in the context of his cultural background, as well as re-establishing Indigenous sovereignty in a global context. He completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University’s James Madison College, with a double major in International Relations and Comparative Cultures in Politics with a minor in European Studies. His goals and ambitions reiterate the question of Indigenous politics domestically and internationally while also challenging the global status quo on issues that cut across borders: human rights, social justice, climate change, and others relevant to the 21st century. 

Image of a person named Serene.

Serene Chan

Serene is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs program with a collaborative specialisation in East and Southeast Asian Studies. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy in Hong Kong. Since graduation, she worked in the field of communications and NGOs. Currently focusing on Global Markets and Innovation Policy, she is interested in pursuing a career in data-driven market research and consulting. At Munk, Serene is involved in Public Good Initiative and Policy Innovation Initiative. In her spare time, she loves reading and diving.

Image of a person named Xiangming (Kosmo) Liu

Xiangming Liu (Kosmo)

Xiangming Liu (Kosmo) is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) joint program at the University of Toronto. He currently focuses on Global Policy and Global Security with a collaborative specialisation in Environmental Studies. He completed his undergraduate study at the University of Toronto with a major in Economics, Political Science and a minor in Slavic Language and Literature (Russian). He then served as a researcher at the G20 Research Group at the Munk School, University of Toronto. Prior to his study at Munk, he achieved a Master’s degree in International Political Economy at the University of Manchester in the UK. His research interests include Chinese politics, Japanese politics, Post-Communist East Europe, climate change, and ESG Investing. He is interested in a career in analyst or consulting. During his undergraduate years, Kosmo joined several student groups and organisations dedicated to helping new international students and had rich experiences helping newcomers from East Asia. During his leisure moments, he likes archery, recreational shootings, firearms, and gyms.