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Dual degree in London (LSE)

The dual degree between the University of Toronto and the London School of Economics will allow students to gain two distinct and complementary degrees – a Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from Toronto and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the London School of Economics — in two years rather than the four years otherwise required to complete these degrees consecutively. Students enrolled in the dual degree will benefit from the unique academic strengths of each institution, the depth of networks centered in their geographic regions, their distinct professional training, and internship resources. By attending institutions based in London and Toronto, they will benefit from studying global affairs from two different contexts (British and Canadian) thus ensuring a cross-cultural and global experience. Moreover, by combining a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Global Affairs, students will benefit from two complementary perspectives on the pressing global challenges of the 21st century.

Program structure

Year 1: Students complete Year 1 courses at the London School of Economics and Political Science

PP455 Quantitative Approaches and Policy Analysis 

PP440 Micro and Macro Economics for Public Policy

PP478 Political Science for Public Policy

Either PP413 Growth Diagnostics in Development: Theory and Practice OR PP449 Comparative Political Economy and Development OR PP448 International Political Economy and Development OR PP454 Development Economics

Year 1: MGA Summer Internship   

GLA1007Y Global Internship (10 to 16 weeks) plus a critical reflection paper to be submitted in September of Year 2

Year 2: Fall and Winter courses at the Munk School

GLA1016H Human Rights and Global Justice

GLA2111H Research Methods for Capstone

GLA1011H Global Innovation Policy 

GLA2000H Capstone Seminar 

GLA2887H Final Research and Analysis

Students will work on a research paper. The research paper will be turned into a policy brief and presented to a panel of judges in the summer.

Additional five electives in Year 2 at the 2000 level, all taken at the Munk School.

Summer: GLA2890Y Global Policy Review

GLA2890Y Global Policy Review

Students will present a policy brief to a panel of judges and produce a poster.

Program Length

  • 6 sessions full-time

Application Process

  • Applicants must apply through the London School of Economics and Political Science admissions website. Applicants to the dual MPA/MGA do not need to submit an application through the MGA program unless they also want to be considered for only the MGA as well. Please see our admissions page for information on applying to the MGA program.
  • Applications for entrance fall 2024 are due: Applications are on a rolling basis. For application queries please contact LSE Graduate Admissions


Master of Public Administration Program
London School of Economics and Political Science
Email:  LSE Graduate Admissions
LSE MPA programme queries: Contac the LSE School of Public Policy Double Degrees office at:

Master of Global Affairs Program
Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto

Tuition Fees

Master of Public Administration (LSE) / Master of Global Affairs (University of Toronto):

Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (please note that tuition fees are subject to change as per U of T policy):

  • Fall-Winter Year 1 2023-2024: LSE Tuition Fees
  • Summer Year 1 2024: U of T: EXEMPT (except for mandatory international student health insurance UHIP approx. $260 CAD)
  • Fall-Winter Year 2 2024/2025: U of T: $21,070.00 (plus incidental fees) for domestic students. $49,920.00 (plus incidental) for international students.
  • Summer Year 2 2025: U of T: EXEMPT (except for mandatory international student health insurance UHIP approx. $260 CAD)

***Please note that dual degree MPA/MGA students are not eligible for MGA scholarship funding since the dual degree program tuition is already reduced (two degrees for the tuition of one degree). 

Questions? Please visit the London School of Economics website for more information.




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