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Next steps for admitted students

We are looking forward to you joining us this fall!

To do before starting the MGA this fall

Incoming MGA students should ensure they have completed the necessary steps below before starting the MGA program this September. 

Confirm admission decision 

To confirm your acceptance or decline of this offer of admission, you must sign, date and upload the completed SGS Confirmation Form to the Grad App Portal by the deadline specified in your offer letter. Failure to confirm your decision by the deadline will result in a revoke of your offer of admission. 

Pay non-refundable admission deposit 

A $500 non-refundable tuition deposit is required to secure your spot in the MGA program for this fall. Payment is made through ACORN via credit card only. The deposit is automatically put towards tuition once it is posted to your Student Account. 

The deadline to pay the deposit is specified in the School of Graduate Studies Offer Letter (which is uploaded into your GradApp application).

Send Official Transcripts

Newly admitted applicants must send their official transcripts to the MGA program. E-transcripts (preferred method) must be sent from the institution directly to the MGA program email: Hard copies in sealed envelopes may be sent to: 


MGA Program Office
315 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

Apply for study & co-op permit

International students are highly encouraged to apply for their Canadian study permit as soon as possible using the Letter of Acceptance for Study Permit Application contained in the SGS Offer Letter package. International students are also encouraged to apply for their co-op permit at the same time as applying for their study permit.  A co-op permit allows students to work full-time with a Canadian organization during their internship period.  Even if you are not planning to do your internship with a Canadian organization, we have seen how quickly things can change and strongly suggest all students have a co-op permit.  This does not cost any additional fee. In the study permit application, students can indicate that work is an essential component of the program.  When asked to provide documents for your study permit application, you will also be asked to upload a document supporting that work is an essential component of the program.  You will need to upload a letter of support for the co-op permit which can be obtained through contacting Julia Rao at

***Please note that international students entering master's or PhD programs, are not required to obtain a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL). Please see the IRCC website for more information.


Register with Accessibility Services 

Students who might require accommodations for ongoing mental or physical health conditions that may impair their ability to complete coursework on time should register with Accessibility Services.  Students must register with Accessibility Services by July 16, 2024 to have the accommodations in place before the start of classes. Registering after this date may take longer and accommodation requests without a letter from Accessibility Services may be denied. Please visit the Accessibility Services website for more information.  

Get TCard & activate UTORid/UToronto email address

Starting May 1st you can make an appointment with the TCard Office to get your Student ID (TCard) and activate your UTORid/Utoronto email address. International students may get their TCard in advance of getting their study permit provided they have an active passport. You can activate your UTORid/UToronto email before arriving in Toronto. You can pick up your TCard when you have arrived in Toronto. You need an active UTORid/Utoronto email to access Quercus and Housing resources. 

Find housing 

There are various housing options for students studying at the University of Toronto. If you wish to stay on campus, Graduate House has dedicated housing for graduate students. However, space is limited. Most graduate students live off campus. The University has an Off-Campus Housing website to help students find housing. 

IMPORTANT: Watch Out for Housing Scams 

Unfortunately, students are being targeted for housing scams. The most common scam is a "Phantom Rental" where the landlord tries to rent a place that doesn't exist. The Office of Student Life has some tips to avoid being the victim of a housing scam. 

Apply for financial aid & create a budget

If you qualify for provincial funding like OSAP, you should apply as soon as the portal opens for new applicants. You are also encouraged to seek other financial resources to fund your degree, such as student loans from your preferred banking institution. The University of Toronto works closely with Scotiabank but students may seek loans from any bank they prefer. The MGA program does not offer a financial aid program. Scholarships are awarded upon offer of admission. If you did not receive a scholarship, there is no opportunity to apply for one in advance of starting the program. As such, students are highly encouraged to create a plan for funding their degree before starting the program.

Pay tuition 

Tuition is charged to student's ACORN accounts mid-July. You must pay the minimum amount to register by September 1st. If you are receiving OSAP or other provincial or government funding, you can defer your tuition on ACORN. If you have received a scholarship greater than the minimum amount to register, you may defer your tuition through the MGA Program Office by emailing a signed copy of the Register Without Payment Form

Access Virtual Econ Prep Courses


During the summer, incoming students will have access to an online Economics Prep Course. The course is self-directed and will include synchronous tutorials. A required diagnostic test will be written at the end of the summer. More information will be released in the spring. 

An active UTORid is needed to access the Economics Prep Courses. Students can activate their UTORid through the TCard Office beginning May 1st. 

Apply for TA and RA positions 

The University of Toronto begins posting TA positions for the upcoming academic year in June. TA positions typically go to PhD students but Master's students are also able to apply should a suitable PhD candidate not be found. Other positions like RA and on-campus work are found on the CLNx website. You must have an active UTORid to access this site. 

Questions about Admissions?

Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with Rejeanne Puran, Graduate Admissions and Recruitement Officer.

Phone: 416-978-7794

Deferral Policy: Admitted applicants may request a one-year deferral up until August 1st. Deferral requests made after August 1st will not be considered. Deferral requests must be made in writing and are subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee. Scholarship funding does not carry-over if an applicant chooses to defer. Please contact for more information on deferrals. 

Upcoming Important Dates

Saturday, April 27th - Welcome Day

Tuesday, May 21st - Welcome to the MGA Virtual Meet and Greet

Tuesday, June 11th - International Students Virtual Meet and Greet

Tuesday, July 16th - Virtual Meet and Greet- Courses, registration, fees, student services

Mid-July - Fees Posted to Student Accounts on ACORN

July/August- Virtual Econ Prep Courses

Tuesday, August 13th - Virtual Meet and Greet-Life as an MGA Student, information on SLIs, meet MGASA student reps

Tuesday, August 20th - Courses Open for Registration 

Friday, August 23rd - Tuition Fees Due

Tuesday, September 3rd- Mandatory Econ/Stats Diagnostic Test

September 4-6th - Orientation Week (Mandatory)

Monday, September 9th - Classes Start

October 28th - November 1st - Fall Reading Week

December 6th - Classes End

December 9th-20th - Exam Period (Please check course syllabi for information about any final deliverables or exams scheduled during this period)

December 24th- January 6th- University Closed for Winter Holidays

January 6th - Classes Start

February 17th-21st - Winter Reading Week 

April 4th- Classes End

April 7th-18th - Exam Period (Please check course syllabi for information about any final deliverables or exams scheduled during this period)

Master's programs

Still have questions? Please feel free to get in touch with the MGA Program Office at