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Ontario 360

Facilitating engagement between external policy experts and key policymakers to contribute to evidence-based policy-making in the Province of Ontario

Queen's Park building

Welcome to Ontario 360

Ontario 360 is a purpose-built initiative to scan Ontario’s economic challenges and opportunities and develop evidence-based public policy ideas to inform and shape the Ontario government’s policy planning and priorities.

Housed at the Munk School, Ontario 360 builds on the School’s commitment to independent, non-partisan and evidence-based policy engagement with the policy community and broader public.

At Ontario 360, we: 

  • Collaborate with senior Ontario policymakers to identify issues that the government is grappling with and then commissions independent policy experts to produce research, analysis, and policy recommendations to contribute to the government’s own internal policy planning and development
  • Conduct policy research, policy briefings, and policy breakfast sessions involving policy scholars and practitioners, members of the Ontario public service, representatives from the political arm of the government, and Ontarians interested in public policy
  • Reimagine policy-making: it is a bold, new model for policy development that is contributing to a two-way conversation between policy experts and the Ontario government on key issues facing our province