Eve Parry

Eve Parry, a passionate aspirant of diaspora studies, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation, is a firm believer in the fact that denying the truth does not change the facts. The international community urgently needs candid, outspoken policy practitioners who will effectuate actionable change, and Eve aspires to be one of them. Her long-term goals include becoming a public servant—a profession whose purpose ultimately lies in empowering people. Raised by immigrant grandparents and a single mother, Eve’s family encouraged her to follow her dreams, studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) being one of many. She earned her BSc (Joint Honors) in International Relations and History, graduating in June 2023. Currently, Eve is the youngest candidate completing the LSE-University of Toronto double MPA/MGA programme. Eve has worked with MOSAIC and the United Nations.  Her academic interests include liberal/hybrid peace, sectarian violence, national identity and populism, international organizations’ mechanisms/compositions, diaspora studies, and policy ethics. Eve is incredibly grateful for opportunities that reinforce her research acumen and theoretical knowledge—enabling her to tackle complex socio-political issues from multiple perspectives. Through the Harney Program, she can continue to develop the skills necessary to solve real-world problems with real-world solutions.