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Study at the Harney Program

The Harney Program’s  mission is to foster excellence in research and teaching on issues of citizenship, migration, and diversity.

Graduate students enrolled in the program are introduced to, and called to reflect on, some of the most challenging questions of our time—questions that are often entirely novel ones or require critical reflection in a world of ​growing migration, citizenship, and fast-evolving new technologies. These include:

  • how to live together in our increasingly diverse societies;
  • the relationship between mobility and inequality;
  • the surge of biometric borders and new technologies of migration control;
  • disruptions to existing forms of membership and belonging, and the bearing of such disruptions on citizenship and migration.

Other topics addressed in the program include selective admission policies; dilemmas of collective identity and the rise of populist nationalism; and the elastic boundaries of multicultural accommodation and their impact on religious, ethnic, sexual, and racial minorities. With its 15 participating and two supporting units, the EIP offers its students a thoroughly interdisciplinary environment for the study of ethnicity, immigration, and pluralism.