KMA Benefit Conference
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Day One
17 March 2023

Session 1 – 13:00-15:30 ET (Toronto)

A.J. Wendland – ‘Introduction: On War and Philosophy’
Jennifer Nagel – ‘Philosophy, For Better, For Worse, and In Itself’
Quassim Cassam – ‘Liberation Philosophy’ 
Volodymyr Yermolenko – ‘Thinking in Dark Times’

Session 2 – 17:00-19:30 ET (Toronto)

Sally Haslanger – ‘Philosophy and Paradigm Shifts’
Philip Pettit – ‘From Philosophy to Politics’
Elizabeth Anderson – ‘Philosophy is for Everyone’
Jeff McMahan – ‘What Good Is Moral Philosophy?’

Day Two 
18 March 2023

Session 1 – 09:00-11:30 ET (Toronto)

Kieran Setiya – ‘Public Philosophy, Amelioration, and Existential Value’
Agnes Callard – ‘The Paradise Paradox’
Dominic Lopes – ‘Beauty at the Barricades’
Margaret Atwood – ‘Crisis Literature’

Session 2 – 13:00-15:30 ET (Toronto)

Timothy Snyder – ‘Thinking About Freedom in Wartime Ukraine’
Jonathan Wolff – ‘Values and Public Policy’
Jason Stanley – ‘Discourses of Genocide’
Seyla Benhabib – ‘Philosopher’s Dreams of Perpetual Peace’

Session 3 – 17:00-19:30 ET (Toronto)

Kate Manne – ‘Philosophy and Gaslighting: It’s (Not) All in Your Mind’
Barry Lam – ‘Discretion: A Philosophical Analysis of the Power of Bureaucrats’
David Enoch – ‘What Good Is Political Philosophy in the Face of an Acute Political Crisis?’
Peter Godfrey-Smith – ‘Philosophy and The Events of the Day’ 

Day Three
19 March 2023

Session 1 – 09:00-11:30 ET (Toronto)

Peter Adamson – ‘What Good Is a History of Philosophy ‘Without Any Gaps’?’
Angie Hobbs – ‘Public Philosophy in an Age of Uncertainty’
Melissa Lane – ‘Philosophizing Our Way Out of the Cave’
Timothy Williamson – ‘Debating the Good’

Session 2 – 13:00-15:30 EST (Toronto)

Simon Critchley – ‘Question Everything’
Tim Crane – ‘Philosophy as Freedom of Thought’
Mychailo Wynnyckyj – ‘Grappling with Evil’
Amb. Yulia Kovaliv – ‘Conclusion: Defending Democracy’