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Frequently asked questions about the American Studies program

How do I declare my major in American Studies?

Enrolment is done through ACORN. You must have successfully completed four full-course equivalents but need no minimum GPA. Find out more about applying to programs on the Faculty of Arts and Science website.

Is it possible to double count American Studies Credits with other Majors/Minors?

The policy of the Faculty of Arts and Science is as follows: “Two major programs, which must include 12 different courses OR One major and two minor programs, which must include 12 different courses” A limited amount of double counting is sometimes allowed. CSUS only has jurisdiction over the AMS courses, students must check with the department responsible for the course for permission to double count.

Do I need to meet all the prerequisites to enroll in AMS courses?

Students are required to have completed HIS271 or POL203 or ENG250 or GGR240H1/GGR254H1 before enrolling in AMS300. However, on a case by case basis, students have been allowed to take the prerequisite concurrently with AMS300 or to substitute other courses with similar content to the prerequisites. The decision is made by the Director of CSUS. If a student has taken more than one of the pre-requisites, all can be counted towards the degree.

Do I need to meet the breadth requirement?

As with all majors, students are required to meet a breadth requirement for a major/minor in American Studies of at least 3 disciplines, meaning course work in history, political science, English, for example. While a broader course of study is preferable, AMS designated courses can be counted as a separate discipline if needed to meet the requirement.

Are there any approved courses not on the list?

The list of approved courses in the calendar is not exhaustive. Departments offer many half courses, “Topics in...”, that can change from year to year and are therefore not included on the list. Students interested in having a course approved for American Studies credit should contact the program coordinator and/or CSUS Director. The criteria for approval is at least 50% American content. Students should submit syllabi by email to the CSUS Director at csus.director@utoronto.ca, with a cc to csus@utoronto.ca, to initiate the approval process.