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Eurasiatique is an interdisciplinary graduate student journal published annually at CERES. The initiative was designed to give up-and-coming writers in the fields of anthropology, sociology, political science, and history an opportunity to share their research and get published at the very start of their academic careers.

Through their participation in the journal, students gain valuable experience in the academic editing and publishing process. Both first- and second-year CERES students are eligible for the editorial board. All students are encouraged to submit their own research, either completed during their time at CERES or during their undergraduate studies. No editing experience is required to join the journal. 

Editorial Board 2022-2023:

Egan Chambers- Editor in Chief

Isabelle Avakumovic-Pointon- Senior Editor

Sylvia Lorico- Senior Editor

Michaela Nudo- Senior Editor 

Isaure Vorstman- Senior Editor

Ioana Zamfir- Copy Editor

Emily Grenon- Copy Editor

Alexandra Nisipeanu- Copy Editor

Annie Boss- Layout Editor

Haley Forgacs- Layout Editor

Susan Samardjian- Junior Editor

Dylan McNeill- Junior Editor