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Beaudry, Catherine (with Stéphane Dauphin-Pierre) – “Impacts of ICT’s research intermediaries on Quebec’s innovation ecosystem: final results”.    Summary

Beaudry, Catherine (with Georges Hage and Pierre Therrien) – “Adoption of digital and advanced technologies in Canada”.   Summary

Brail, Shauna“Ride-Hailing: Global Economic Geography & Canada’s Opportunity”.  Summary

Bramwell, Allison“Digital Underdogs: Economic Opportunity and the ‘Ordinary’ City”.   Summary

Breznitz, Dan (with Steven Samford) – “Creating Digital Opportunity: MNEs, Enclaves and Innovation Agencies”.  Summary

Breznitz, Shiri  (with Doug Noonan) – The Digital Media Industry in Canada through Crowdfunding”.   Summary

Coates, Ken “Rural and Remote Regions: The Wrong Side of the Digital Divide?”  Summary

Cohendet, Patrick (with David Grandadam)Building Innovation Ecosystems in Cities and Regions: People, capital, knowledge, and the local commons”.  Summary

Crelinsten, Jeff – Accelerators and Incubators as a Tool in Innovation Policy.   Summary

Creutzberg, Tijs (with Brendan Haley, Todd Julie) Luck, Legacy and Local Leadership: Transitioning to New Digital Opportunities in Ottawa”.  Summary

Davis, Charles  – The Canadian creative/cultural sector and the digital shift: Cultural citizenship, from cultural sovereignty to consumer sovereignty”.  Summary

Denney, Steven  (with Travis Southin and David Wolfe) – “Entrepreneurs, Scale-ups and the Evolution of Toronto’s ICT Cluster: Insights and Lessons Learned”.  Summary

Doloreux, David – Conditions for Innovation in KIBS: evidence form small KIBS firms in Ontario”.   Summary

Donald, Betsy “Creating Digital Opportunity: Digital Ride-hailing in Canada”.   Summary pending

Goodman, Nicole (with Zachary Spicer) – “CDO Summary: Smart Cities Component”.   Summary

Goracinova, Elena (with David Wolfe) Canada’s Automotive Cluster: Its Future in the Digital Age“.   Summary

Gosine, Ray (with Peter Warrian) –“CDO Extractive Industries”. Summary

Holbrook, Adam (with Ben Anderson et al )The Digital Ecosystem in Vancouver”.    Summary

Holroyd, Carin“Filling the Digital Pipelines: Government Policies and the Expansion of the Digital Content Economy”.    Summary

Horton, Deanna – “Where You Are, What You Are: Mapping Canadian Tech Companies in International Markets”.     Summary

Jeffs, Jennifer  (with Meredith Williams) “Fintech Innovation”.    Summary

Ornston, Darius“Creating Digital Opportunity in Waterloo”.   Summary

Phillips, Peter (with Brian Wixted) – “The Digital Transformation of the Canadian Agriculture and Mining Sectors”.  Summary

Vinodrai, Tara (with Ben Spigel)Anchor Firm Disrupted: Creating a digital opportunity.   Summary

Warrian, Peter“Advanced Manufacturing”.  Summary

Wolfe, David – “Disrupt or be Disrupted: Research Findings from the CDO Project & Policy Questions”.    (opening session)

Wong, Joe (with George Poulakidas)“Going Global: Canadian Digital Firms”.   Summary 

CDO RESEARCH THEME SUMMARIES,  cdo 6th Annual and final cONFERENCE toronto – mAY 1, 2019

THEME ONE presented by Joseph Wong and George Poulakidas:  “Plugging into the Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Canada.”   Summary

THEME TWO presented by Tijs Creutzberg and Tara Vinodrai:  “Agents and Assets:The Local Context for Canada’s Digital Opportunity”    Summary

THEME THREE presented by Peter Phillips and Peter Warrian:  “What has been the transformative impact of the digital revolution on traditional industries?”   Summary

THEME FOUR presented by Allison Bramwell (with Ken Coates and Neil Bradford):  “Expanding digital opportunity in Canada? Summary of Theme IV research findings and policy implications.”   Summary

Student PRESENTATIONS, cdo cONFERENCE toronto – APRIL 29, 2019

discussant: Ray Gosine, Memorial University, St. John’s

Jobe, Graeme – University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon –“Governing Value Chain Disruption in Agriculture and Agri-Foods: A Behavioural Approach to Assessing Policy Implications?”.  Draft Paper

discussant: Jennifer Jeffs, CIC and University of Toronto

Nam, Geneva – Simon Fraser University, Vancouver “Bringing the QR -code to Canada: The rise of AliPay and WeChat Pay in Canadian e-commerce markets.”   Draft Paper

discussant: Elena Goracinova, University of Toronto

Schaefer, Kirsten – Ryerson University, Toronto – “Diffusion of 3D Knitting: The Fashiong Designer and the Digital Divide”.   Draft Paper

discussant: Zac Spicer, Government of ONtario and University of Toronto

Woodside, Jon – University of Waterloo – “One for the Road: The Threat of Monopoly and Municipal Regulation of Ride-1 Hailing Platfors in Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe”.   Draft Paper

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Beaudry, Catherine (with Georges Hage and Pierre Therrien) – “The Local Context of Advanced and Digital Technology, and the Impact of its use on Firm Performance”.

Brail, Shauna“The Urban Economic Geography of Ridehailing: Global Prospects? Canadian Prospects?”.  Paper

Bramwell, Allison“Expanding Digital Opportunity? Inclusive innovation in the ‘ordinary’ city”.

Breznitz, Dan“Still Sticky After All Those Years. The resurgence of Marshallian districts in a world of global production networks”.

Breznitz, Shiri  (with Doug Noonan) – Does Crowdfunding Flatten Regional Advantages?”.

Coates, Ken “The Global Digital Economy: Government policy and Canadian opportunities”.

Davis, Charles (with Emilia Zboralska) – “Cultural Policy and the Digital Disruption: the case of Creative Canada”.  Paper

Denney, Steven  (with Travis Southin and David Wolfe) – “Birth of a Startup Ecosystem: The gradual transformation of Toronto’s ICT cluster”.

Donald, Betsy “Planning Canadian Cities to be Smart and Inclusive”.

Goodman, Nicole (with Zac Spicer) – “The Administrative Gap in Smart City Design”.

Gosine, Ray“Digitalizing Extractive Industries: The state-of-the art to the art-of-the-possible”.

Holroyd, Carin“Digital Content Development and Promotion in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan”. Paper

Horton, Deanna (with Chadwick Meyers) – “Answering the Siren’s Call: Canadian micro-multinational tech companies in the USA and Asia”.

Motaghi, Hamed (with Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay)“The Transformation of the Taxi Industry: The case of Teo Taxi, Montreal-based taxi service”.

Ornston, Darius“When Flagships Fail: Comparing Finland andWaterloo” .  Paper

Phillips, Peter (with Brian Wixted) – “Ripples On The Pond: Beyond the mere roboticisation of ag and mining”.

Warrian, Peter“Digitization of Ore Bodies and the Inversion of Industry 4.0”.  Paper

Williams, Meredith  (with Jennifer Jeffs) – “Fintech in Canada: An opportunity beyond finance”. Paper

Wolfe, David – “Disrupt or be Disrupted: Research findings from the CDO project & policy implications”.

Wong, Joe (with Doug Fuller and George Poulakidas)“Canadian ICT Firms in East Asia”.   Paper 


discussants: Catherine Beaudry and Shauna Brail

Dauphin-Pierre, Stéphane – Montréal – A look at the impact of the research intermediary operating in the ICT industry of the province of Quebec”.

Flavelle, Susan – Toronto – “DUI (Doing-Using-Interacting) Innovation and Actionable Knowledge: Exploring the competencies that individuals use and develop when they learn to use 3D printing digital fabrication technologies”.

Frigon, Anthony – Los Angeles – “Client Interactions and the Use of Information and Communication Technologies as Drivers of Innovation in Knowledge-Intensive Business services”.

Jobe, Graeme – Saskatoon – “Governing Off-Farm Disruption: Does endowment affect data valuation?”.

Woodside, Jon – Waterloo – “Planning for Inclusive Platforms: Lessons from Uber workers”. 

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Damien Silès, General director, Quartier de l’innovation – “An Econsystem of Innovation in the Heart of Montreal”.

Philippe Molaret, Chief Technical Officer, Thales Canada – “A Glance at Digital Management”.


Beaudry, Catherine (with Mélik Bouhadra) – “ICT Hardware Networks and Clusters in Quebec“. Paper pending

Brail, Shauna – Disrupting Ground Transportation: Year in review”. Paper 

Bramwell, Allison (with Neil Bradford)  – “Expanding Digital Opportunity? Inclusive Innovation in the ‘Ordinary City”. Paper pending

Breznitz, Dan (with Steven Samford) – “Multinational Investment and Foreign Enclave Formation”. Paper pending

Breznitz, Shiri (with Martin Kenney and Doug Noonan) – “Does Crowd Funding Reduce Regional Advantage?. Paper pending

Coates, Ken – “Government and Community Strategies for Digital Engagement“. Paper

Cohendet, Patrick (with David Grandadam) – “Dynamics of Digital Ecosystems in Canada”. Paper

Crelinsten, Jeff (with Mark Robbins) – “The Role of Accelerators in Global Innovation Networks”. Paper

Davis, Charles – “Competencies for Creative Professionals in New Tech-Based Areas: The cases of AR/VR, 3D/digital fabrication, and analytics”. Paper pending

Doloreux, David –ICTs, Internal and External Enablers of Innovation: An analysis of selected KIBS sectors in different regional settings”. Paper

Donald, Betsy (with Anna Moroz) – “The Uberization of the City and What it Means for Local Communities in Canada: The Kingston story”. Paper pending

Goodman, Nicole (with Zac Spicer) – “Conceptual Clarity and Smart Cities Research“. Paper Pending

Goracinova, Elena (with David Wolfe) – “Regional Resilience and Ontario’s Automotive Cluster: Its future in the digital age“. Paper

Haley, Brendan (with Tijs Creutzberg) – “Transitioning to New Digital Opportunities in Ottawa Telecom/ICT Industries”. Paper

Holbrook, Adam (with Ben Anderson et al ) – “Creating Digital Opportunity in Vancouver: Digital industries in global perspective. Paper pending

Holroyd, Carin – “East Asian Governments and the Promotion of the Digital Content Sector”. Paper pending

Horton, Deanna – Canadian Technology Firms in Asian Markets: Patterns of entry and engagement“. Paper

Jeffs, Jennifer, CIC  (with Brittney Dudar) –Regional Resilience and Ontario’s Automotive Cluster: Its future in the digital age“. Paper

Kuess, Mark – “Canadian Innovation Startups“. Paper pending

Ornston, Darius When Flagships Fail: Comparing Finland and Waterloo“. Paper

Phillips, Peter (with Brian Wixted) – Diffusion of Digital Technology in Mining GPNs/GINsPaper

Rhéaume, Louis (with Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay) – “Cross-fertilization for Innovation, Training and Entrepreneurship in the Quebec IT-Multimedia Sector. Paper pending

Southin, Travis (with Steve Denney and David Wolfe) – “Examining the Local Factors Driving the Global Competitiveness of Toronto’s ICT Sector. Paper pending

Ticoll, David – “The Jobs Impact of Automation: It’s bigger than the thought leaders say”. Paper

Vinodrai, Tara (with Ben Spigel) – “Entrepreneurship, Labour Markets and the Regional Economy in Waterloo”. Paper pending

Warrian, Peter – “De-Coupling Production and Value Creation in Auto-Steel”. Paper

Wong, Joseph (with Doug Fuller) – “Plugging into a China-Centered Global Innovation Network”. Paper pending

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS, Montréal – May 1, 2017

discussants: Betsy Donald and David Ticoll

Escandon, Lorena – Montréal – Data Analytics as Inputs for Innovations in Engineering Design. Paper

Fotheringham, Jack and Graeme Jobe – Saskatchewan – “Citizen Science in the Digital Age: Connecting unapplied capacities with unmet needsPaper

Maqbool, Sana and Lidia Skenderi – Toronto – Successful Crowdfunding: Leveraging Digital Resources on KickstarterPaper

Southin, Travis – Toronto – Canada’s Inclusive Innovation Agenda in the Face of the Employment Threat of AutomationPaper

Wang, Yihan – Montréal – Entrepreneurial SMEs and Inter-Organizational Network EmbeddednessPaper

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Beaudry, Catherine (with Mélik Bouhadra) – “Collaboration networks and innovation in Canada’s ICT Hardware Cluster“. View accompanying paper here.

Bourgeois, Yves – “Bifurcated Trajectories for ICT Adoption in Wood Based Industries”. Paper pending.

Brail, Shauna – Uber vs City Hall: ‘New’ industry models within traditional systems of governance” (via Skype). View the presentation here:

Long Version:

Short Version:

Bramwell, Allison (with Neil Bradford)  – “Expanding Digital Opportunity? The Politics of Economic Transformation in the ‘Ordinary City”.

Breznitz, Dan (with David Wolfe) – “Report on the Finance-ICT Innovation Ecosystem in the Toronto Region”.

Breznitz, Shiri (with Doug Noonan and Martin Kenney) – “Spurring Local Economic Growth through Universities, Arts Districts, and Digital Media – The Canadian Case” (via Skype).

Cohendet, Patrick (with David Grandadam) – “The Dynamics of Innovative and Competitive Digital Ecosystems in Canada: Digital gaming in Quebec”.

Crelinsten, Jeff – “Innovation Intermediaries: an international snapshot of current practices”.

Creutzberg, Tijs (with Brendan Haley and Todd Julie) – “Ottawa ICT: Transitioning to new digital opportunities”.

Davis, Charles – “Virtual Reality: Challenges of UX design for a new immersive consumer medium

Holbrook, Adam (with Ben Anderson) – Global Digital Opportunity in Vancouver. View accompanying paper here.

Holroyd, Carin – “Canadian Digital Content Companies and the Challenges of the Japanese Market”.

Horton, Deanna – “Locating Canadian Digital Economy Firms in Asia and Beyond“. View accompanying paper here.

Ornston, Darius Small States and Small Cities: Interpersonal networks and economic restructuring in Waterloo“. View accompanying paper here.

Southin, Travis (with Steve Denney and David Wolfe) – “Toronto’s ICT/Fintech Firms in Global Context”.

Ticoll, David – “Driving Changes: Automated Vehicles in Toronto”. View accompanying paper here.

Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle (with Amina Yagoubi) – “Open Innovation and Cross-Fertilization in IT and Garment-Fashion”.

Vinodrai, Tara (with Ben Spigel) – “BLOSSOM OR ROT? Anchor firm collapse, entrepreneurship, & labour market effects”.

Warrian, Peter – “Advanced Materials and the Mobility of Production Functions”.

Wong, Joseph (with Doug Fuller) – “Plugging into Asian Innovation Networks: the case of Korean ICT”.


Discussants: Catherine Beaudry and Allison Bramwell

Anable, Bryce – Davis, California (with Martin Kenney) – “Understanding The New Digital Entertainment World: The YouTube Ecosystem and Labor Force”.

Hage, Georges and Mélik Bouhadra – Montreal – “Collaboration Networks and Innovation in Quebec’s ICT Hardware Cluster: a Deeper Understand of the Ecosystem”.

Julie, Todd – Ottawa – “The Evolution of Ottawa’s Local High Technology Governance Institutions: A case study of OCRI and Invest Ottawa”.

Relf-Eckstein, Jo-Anne and Graeme Jobe – Saskatoon – “Organization of Firms and Farmers: Capturing Economic and Social Value Through the Metamorphoses of Agriculture in a Digital World”.

Zboralska, Emilia – Toronto – Telling Our Stories on the Web: Canadian English-Language Webseries and the Production of Culture Online”.

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cdo panel: challenges and emerging trends – november 26, 2015

Moderator: David Wolfe, Co-Director, Innovation Policy Lab President and CEO, Cybera
Panelists: Catherine Beaudry, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal
Tijs Creutzberg, Program and Business Development Director, Council of Canadian Academies
Adam Holbrook, Associate Director, Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, Simon Fraser University
Tara Vinodrai, Associate Professor, School of the Environment, University of Waterloo

Panel summary: ICT base strengthens resilience of city regions

CDO Partnership Meeting Presentations, Ottawa – April 29-30, 2015

Beaudry, Catherine – Montreal (with Mélik Bouhadra): Insights into ICT hardware networks in Quebec: A focus on university-industry networks and their location.

Bourgeois, Yves – Moncton / St. John: Creating digital opportunity: Skills, Scale, Skis and Scallops.

Coates, Ken – Saskatoon: Innovation and the Future of Rural and Northern Areas: Where does ICT fit in Community Economic Development Strategies.

Daggupaty, Vasudave – Toronto: A Strategic Investment Framework for Economic Development in the ICT Sector: Cisco Systems Canada – A Case Study.

Doloreux, David – Ottawa (with Richard Shearmur and Anika Laperrière): External sourcing strategies, service innovation and location? Empirical evidence from Canadian KIBS firms. View accompanying paper here.

Froman, Adam – Delvinia and Asking Canadians – Toronto: Digital Strategy and Innovation: The Changing Face of Market Research in a Consumer-Centric Society.

Froman, Adam and David Wolfe – Toronto: Open Government and the Voice of e-Democracy: Harnessing the power of digital technologies to engage citizens in public policy.

Fuller, Doug – Hangzhou / Zhejiang, China (with Joe Wong, Toronto): Politics in Command: Political Economy and China’s Innovation Prospects.

Galvin, Patrick – Toronto (with David Wolfe): Toronto’s ICT Sector: Global Production Networks or Outsourcing & U.S. Continentalism.

Holbrook, Adam – Vancouver (with Ben Anderson): Creating Digital Opportunity: a study of digital industries in Vancouver and their competitiveness in global markets.

Horton, Deanna – Toronto: Mapping Canada in Asia.

Hutchison, Bill – CATA-iCanada – Toronto: From iWaterfront to iCanada — the Role of Intelligent Communities in Canada’s Digital Opportunity.

Aled ab Iorwerth, Council of Canadian Academies – Ottawa: The State of Industrial R&D.

Kleinman, Mark – London, UK / Toronto: Smart London (UK) Plan: Digital Technologies, London and Londoners.

Kuess, Mark – Celestica – Celestica Overview.

Lacrois, Anik – Investment Science and Technology Division, Statistics Canada: Measurement of the Digital Economy at Statistics Canada.

McKinnon, Scott – MEDEI – Toronto: Partnerships for Jobs and Growth Act: Ontario’s Digital Cluster Opportunities.

Phillips, Peter – Saskatoon: The digital opportunity in Canadian Agriculture.

Robertson, Andrew – CDMN – Ottawa: Canadian Digital Media Network.

TicollDavid – ICTC – Toronto: Labour Supply/Demand Dynamics of Canada’s ICT Sector and Beyond.

Turner, Michael – Wesley Clover – Ottawa: Building Businesses: The Wesley Clover Company Development Plan.

Vinodrai, Tara – Kitchener-Waterloo (with Ben Spigel, Edinburgh, UK): Did they stay or did they go? Digital talent and ICT anchor firm restructuring in Waterloo region.

Warrian, Peter – Toronto: Digital Manufacturing: Linking advanced materials and software.

Watters, David – Global Advantage – Ottawa: The Canadian Innovation System with Reference to the ICT Sector.

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