Papers & presentations

CDO partnership network conference, 2019

Beaudry, Catherine (with Stéphane Dauphin-Pierre) – “Impacts of ICT’s research intermediaries on Quebec’s innovation ecosystem: final results”

Brail, Shauna – “Ride-Hailing: Global Economic Geography & Canada’s Opportunity” 

Bramwell, Allison – “Digital Underdogs: Economic Opportunity and the ‘Ordinary’ City”

Breznitz, Dan (with Steven Samford) – “Creating Digital Opportunity: MNEs, Enclaves and Innovation Agencies”

Breznitz, Shiri  (with Doug Noonan) – “The Digital Media Industry in Canada through Crowdfunding”

Coates, Ken – “Rural and Remote Regions: The Wrong Side of the Digital Divide?” 

Cohendet, Patrick (with David Grandadam) – “Building Innovation Ecosystems in Cities and Regions: People, capital, knowledge, and the local commons

Crelinsten, Jeff – Accelerators and Incubators as a Tool in Innovation Policy

Creutzberg, Tijs (with Brendan Haley, Todd Julie)  “Luck, Legacy and Local Leadership: Transitioning to New Digital Opportunities in Ottawa

Davis, Charles  – The Canadian creative/cultural sector and the digital shift: Cultural citizenship, from cultural sovereignty to consumer sovereignty

Denney, Steven  (with Travis Southin and David Wolfe) – “Entrepreneurs, Scale-ups and the Evolution of Toronto’s ICT Cluster: Insights and Lessons Learned”

Doloreux, David – Conditions for Innovation in KIBS: evidence form small KIBS firms in Ontario”

Donald, Betsy – “Creating Digital Opportunity: Digital Ride-hailing in Canada”

Goodman, Nicole (with Zachary Spicer) – “CDO Summary: Smart Cities Component”

Goracinova, Elena (with David Wolfe) – “Canada’s Automotive Cluster: Its Future in the Digital Age

Gosine, Ray (with Peter Warrian) –“CDO Extractive Industries”

Holroyd, Carin – “Digital Content Development and Promotion in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan”

Horton, Deanna (with Chadwick Meyers) – “Answering the Siren’s Call: Canadian micro-multinational tech companies in the USA and Asia”

Motaghi, Hamed (with Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay) – “The Transformation of the Taxi Industry: The case of Teo Taxi, Montreal-based taxi service”

Ornston, Darius – “When Flagships Fail: Comparing Finland and Waterloo” 

Phillips, Peter (with Brian Wixted) – “Ripples On The Pond: Beyond the mere roboticisation of ag and mining”

Warrian, Peter – “Digitization of Ore Bodies and the Inversion of Industry 4.0”

Wolfe, David – “Disrupt or be Disrupted: Research findings from the CDO project & policy implications”

Wong, Joe (with Doug Fuller and George Poulakidas) – “Canadian ICT Firms in East Asia”