Munk One

Message from the Director

Headshot of Don Kingsbury

Munk One is a unique and exciting experience. Our students form part of a small cohort of students selected for success and, just as importantly, for their desire to engage with each other and the world. As Munk One students, you get to know each other and your professors quite well; many Munk Ones build collaborations that last lifetimes. Our work together will be intellectually-rich, hands-on, challenging, and immensely rewarding. I look forward to meeting you in Toronto.

Our program is about connecting big ideas with students who have an urge to tackle global challenges. A Munk One student is someone who wants to have impact and make a difference in the global community. Munk One is a chance to engage professors, fellow students, and a network of experts on the value of innovation. Most importantly, it’s about building a community in your first year at U of T that will stay with you through your entire university career. Not just any collection of classmates, but a community of first year students with diverse interests who share a common goal: problem-solving for a global community. Munk One brings you smaller classrooms, professors you get to know, a network of friends, and opportunities to engage in more than just lectures.