Policy, Elections & Representation Lab
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Research & Ideas

PEARL asks four big questions

  • How do individuals make decisions about politics? 
  • How do politicians make policy and represent citizens?
  • How is technology changing governance and politics?
  • What are the political and social contexts and consequences of COVID-19?

To answer these, we organize our research into four broad groups:

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Voting behaviour and public opinion

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Political elites and representation

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Artificial intelligence, governance, and democracy

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COVID, politics, and society

Our research is principally empirical, combining various forms of survey data with experiments (including field, lab, and survey experiments). We also use text-as-data, administrative records, and social media data.

Our lab research projects often involve partnerships. Current and past projects and partners include MEO, the Digital Democracy Project, the Canadian Election Study and Consortium on Electoral Democracy, Public Policy Forum, Clean Prosperity, the Commission on Leaders Debates, The Samara Centre for Democracy, the Privy Council Office of Canada, the Ministry for the Status of Women, and the Digital Public Square.