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Event Report: JAPAN NOW Lecture Series with Professor Ryo Sahashi

On November 27, 2019, The Centre for the Study of Global Japan hosted the latest installment of the JAPAN NOW lecture series. For this lecture, we welcomed Professor Ryo Sahashi from the University of Tokyo. Professor Sahashi is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia and a renowned expert on Japanese foreign policy.

Professor Sahashi discussed the shifting power balance and contemporary changes to the trilateral relationship among China, Japan, and the United States. He also discussed foreign policy implications for Canada. Professor Sahashi pointed out that the role of Japan and the United States had reversed somewhat in recent years. During the Obama administration, Japanese officials were frustrated by a limited US response to the rise of China. However, during the Trump administration and intensifying trade conflicts, Japan has reached out to China and sought better relations.

The Centre would like to thank Professor Sahashi and all attendees for their engaged participation. We also thank the Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto and the Japan Foundation for their support of this event.

For more information about Professor Sahashi and his research, please visit his website: https://ryosahashi.jimdofree.com/english-short-bio/