Student Affiliate Program

The Centre for the Study of Global Japan (CSGJ) Student Affiliates actively represent and engage with CSGJ throughout their academic journey at the University of Toronto and beyond. This diverse group of students interested in Japanese culture and politics support our mission by fostering a greater understanding of contemporary Japan, and have exclusive access to opportunities and our networks.

Interested in joining the community?

As a student affiliate, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend invitation-only events
  • Be featured on the CSGJ website and social media
  • Lead future student initiatives related to the Centre
  • Submit written reflections to be published on the CSGJ website
  • Earn a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Credit for your participation

To join us, you must:

  • be a current U of T student (undergraduate & graduate)
  • commit to attending at least two CSGJ events per academic year
  • have demonstrated interest or experience related to Japan (this can be demonstrated through Japan-related coursework, time spent in Japan, or a brief written statement explaining future plans to engage with Japan)

Current affiliates

Man wearing black suit standing in a room with white walls

Gary Tetreault, 1st Year Master of Global Affairs and Public Policy 

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I have lived in Japan over roughly 3 years, 1 year studying and 2 years as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)."

Headshot of Young Luk

Young Luk, 5th Year Political Science & Urban Studies 

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I've been interested in comparative politics since coming to UofT, and have always been interested in East Asian and Japanese politics. I hope that, as a CSGJ student affiliate, I can further develop these interests."

Woman wearing white top on balcony

Sakura Armstrong, 2nd Year International Relations, Book and Media Studies, & Creative Expression and Society Minor

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"Being from Japan but raised mostly in the States, I have always been interested in learning more about Japan. After moving back to Tokyo for my senior year of high school I took a course on Japanese contemporary society and it inspired me to further study Japan and join CSGJ. As an affiliate I hope to supplement my learning in International Relations and meet people with similar goals and interests!"

Woman wearing black tshirt smiling

Izumi Ando, 3rd Year Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"As a Japanese international student in a specialized STEM field at UofT, I wanted to joing CSGJ's student affiliate program to learn more about how innovation, research, and science/technology policy influence one another, especially at the interface of Japan and the world."

Woman in a black top and blue jeans smiling on a balcony.

Sophia Lenkov, 3rd Year Political Science

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I've always been interested in and had an appreciation for Japanese politics and culture. As a Japanese Canadian Political Science student, I had the opportunity to take a course on Japanese politics and immediately was drawn to further study the rich political history of Japan. I wanted to become involved with the CSGJ as a student affiliate to further expand my understanding of Japanese affairs."

Woman standing in front of a night time skyline

Emma Beserman-Murlender, 5th Year Political Science & Bioethics 

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"My time abroad gave me a deeper appreciation for East Asian societies, sparking my interest in East Asian politics particularly."

Woman wearing white coat smiling on a bridge

Ka leng Charlotte Lo, 3rd Year International Relations, Public Policy, & Book and Media Studies Minor

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I've long been captivated by the intricacies of East Asian affairs, and CSGJ provides an amazing platform for me to learn more outside of the classroom and stay connected with peers with similar interests."

Man wearing a suit, sitting and smiling.

Chris Coates, 3rd Year Political Science

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I’ve been interested in many aspects of Japan since early childhood. After finally visiting Japan and taking a 1-year working holiday to Tokyo in 2016, I have since tried to preserve some connection to those interests, while resuming life in Toronto. After selecting Political Science as a major, completing POL307 with Professor Lipscy and really enjoying his class, joining the CSGJ seemed like an appropriate decision."

Man in glasses wearing a blue shirt smiling.

Nicholas Arruda, 4th Year History & European Affairs & Political Science Minor

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"Japan has always been a fascinating country to me. I am intrigued by its rich history, unique culture, and its politics. As a student affiliate I have the opportunity to further study Japan in an enriching setting."

Photo of Jackie Pang

Jackie Pang, 4th Year Political Science & East Asian Studies

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"Japan has occupied a special place in my heart since childhood. Academically, I have a strong interest in Japanese politics and international affairs. Joining the CSGJ will open new opportunities for me to further my understanding of Japan."

Student wearing a white jacket

Reem Baghdady, 4th Year Political Science & Psychology

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"From a young age I have always appreciated Japanese culture and language, and I involved myself in Japanese speech competitions, language meetings, and generally involved myself in the Japanese community where I lived. At UofT, I decided to take on political science as one of my majors, and the Centre for the Study of Global Japan is an intersection of my passion for Japan and political science. My work as an executive member and leader of the University of Toronto Japan Association brought me to get to know the Centre better and the people involved, and I am very happy to be a student affiliate!"

Woman wearing a sweater vest and posing for a photo

Suha Kazmi, 3rd Year Economics & Public Policy 

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I have always been deeply interested in comparative politics and recently gained a profound interest in Japan’s global impact. Through the CSGJ, I hope to explore my intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom and deepen my understanding of Japanese culture, politics, and economics. I look forward to engaging with and building a network of fellow students, faculty, and other professionals committed to advancing multidimensional perspectives on Japan to the wider international community!"

Man in white jacket sitting in front of white house.

David Daigneault, 3rd Year Peace, Conflict Justice & International Relations & Economics Minor

Why did you join the Student Affiliate Program?

"I have a keen interest in the Asia-Pacific, specifically looking at the intersectionality of economic development and security studies. Being from Hong Kong has deepened my interest in foreign relations in the region, especially Japanese foreign policy and Sino-Japanese relations."




Sophie Bourret-Klein

Events and Program Coordinator