Alumni stories

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'Dip your toes in as many pools as possible so you have a variety of experiences'

Headshot of Cindy Wu

‘The program offers a special learning opportunity — don't pressure yourself to have the “right kind” of experience’

Headshot of Salvator Cusimano

‘Make the most of being in an environment where people really support your learning — it's such a privilege’

PCJ Louisa Yu

‘Look for opportunities that interest you, not what you think you should be doing’

Headshot of Ray Acheson

‘We can hold each other up, and we can build community with each other’

Jenna Lemieux standing next to a UNDP display

'Resisting the ease of simplicity'

Headshot of Saambavi Mano

'Buy yourself time to delve into your interests'

Headshot of Alexa Waud

 'Study what you’re truly interested in and build your degree around it — PCJ let’s you do this'

Headshot of Brian Malzcyk

'PCJ taught me the importance of being curious'

Headshot of Chanel Grenaway

'I learned why things happen and how they can change'

Headshot of James Fraser

'Don't wait for permission'