Core curriculum

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Plan your academic journey through PCJ and map out the core curriculum with POS forms

  • POS forms are only for current PCJ students. Admissions information is available in the section below.
  • Complete every section of the form. We can only approve complete programs of study, and not individual course substitution requests. We need to understand the context in which you are making the request including how the requested courses are linked together.  Even if you haven’t taken a course yet, we need to know what your plans are.
  • Make sure each section fulfills the required credit amounts. If cluster three requires 2.0 FCE, please ensure your requested courses (pre-approved and/or substitution) add up to the required number of credits.
  • When listing courses, include complete course codes, weights, and titles. E.g – POL208H1: Introduction to International Relations
  • Include rationale for all requested substitutions. Please be concise.  We need to know why you want to take the course, and how it fits into your academic objectives.   For example, if you are interested in a particular aspect of gender equality, please explain how the requested courses fit into that theme, and how that theme connects to PCJ.
  • Send completed POS forms with the naming convention “lastname, firstname - POS form – month, year” to

POS form submission deadlines

POS forms will only be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis. Please submit your form to for review and approval.

Download the form and save it to your computer in order to ensure that your changes are preserved