What we look for

Three students from PCJ sit at a table with books and laptops

The PCJ program looks for high-achieving students who hold a desire to understand the roots of and consequences of exposure to the world’s most urgent humanitarian problems.

While the PCJ program seeks students with diverse experiences and qualifications, this is a limited enrollment program that can only accommodate a small number of students. Admission is determined by a range of criteria, including a student’s academic background, statement of interest, a writing sample and a video submission. In some cases, reference letters may also be requested.

Again, please note that students seeking to enter the program for their third year of undergraduate study are very rarely accepted, only under exceptional circumstances, and at the sole discretion of the Academic Director.

In the past, enrollment in Peace, Conflict and Justice has proven to be extremely competitive across all these dimensions, and an applicant’s success in any one of these dimensions does not guarantee admission to the program.

To apply, you must have completed 4.0 FCE

Having completed some of the requirements of Cluster 1 (see POS Forms) is advisable and will put admitted students on track to complete the program on time