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CERES Circles Back podcast

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Our students created the CERES Circles Back podcast during the Covid-19 pandemic. When our program moved online because of the pandemic, the podcast offered a new and unique way for students to connect through sharing their research projects and interests. It also offered an opportunity to foster discussion on the history, politics and culture of Europe, Russia, and Eurasia. 

As we move out of the pandemic and back in person, these traditional conversations have begun again - across campus and in the hallways of Munk, students are reconnecting. As the podcast moves into its second year, it has adapted to reflect this, taking on a new purpose. 

This year, CERES Circles Back will be focusing on the personal stories of CERES faculty and Alumni. We interview professors to understand what inspired them in their academic pursuits, where it has taken them, how their research has changed, and what they are currently working on. On the other end, we talk to former CERES students, inviting them to share their experience to provide current students with an in-depth look at life after academia and the exciting and perhaps unexpected opportunists that await CERES graduates.