Alumni spotlight: Edward Kawooya, MGA '16

Alumni spotlight: Edward Kawooya, MGA '16

Edward Kawooya

Edward Kawooya, MGA '16
Associate Director, Operational Risk, RBC 

What did you like most about the MGA program?

I loved the fact that the MGA was not your typical academic degree with a focus on only theory. The global arena is complex and ever-changing, which requires us to be more open-minded, flexible and pragmatic when tackling everyday issues. What I found unique was that the program provided students with an opportunity to take theory and apply it in real-life settings with its research, policy labs, innovative capstone and internship programs. We also got to engage decision-makers within non-government, government and private sector organizations to understand how they are both impacted and shaped by global policymaking. Above all, I cherish and found it humbling to be part of a dynamic and ambitious group of global students from all walks of life looking to make a difference in their homes, communities, and countries.

How has your MGA helped you in your career?

Alumni spotlight The MGA helped me realize that my academic background could be leveraged in a variety of sectors — be it government or private sector. Through the course offerings and teaching staff, I developed an interest in capital markets and regulatory decision-making. I took this interest and had the opportunity to work within the Ontario Public Service, helping to shape public policy issues and regulatory matters. Through this experience, I was able to build a strong network, which propelled me into the financial services sector working in Regulatory Compliance, Operational Risk, and Data Management at the bank.

What would you say to Black students and other students of colour thinking about pursuing a Master of Global Affairs degree?

I would encourage Black and students of colour to consider pursuing the MGA for three reasons. First, the MGA program offers students of colour exposure and new ways of thinking of global public affairs through its lectures, student body, and external learning opportunities. Second, the MGA program continues to provide space and opportunity for Black and students of colour to be represented and engaged in sectors where we have been historically underrepresented. Third, the MGA offers access to a growing and established network of global professionals spread across the world and always eager to support each other. You are not just joining an academic program, but a community of friends and peers.