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Newly Launched Student Group: The Asian Institute's Migration Analysis Society

Asia stands as the world's most multicultural continent, deeply enmeshed in the complexities of displacement and migration. The recent establishment of the Asian Institute’s Migration Analysis Society (AIMAS) marks a significant step toward addressing these critical issues. This student-led initiative delves into a wide array of pressing and often overlooked matters concerning migration and displacement across Asian societies. Through its cross-regional and interdisciplinary dialogues, AIMAS invites students from a variety of academic disciplines to engage deeply with these intricate subjects.

As an emerging entity, AIMAS not only offers students the chance to contribute to the shaping of the group's foundational principles and selection of discussion topics but also promotes inclusivity within the academic sphere. It particularly welcomes those who might otherwise feel daunted by the prospect of academic engagement.

Jonathan Angell, serving as the president of AIMAS, is a fourth-year undergraduate with a dual focus in Human Geography and Peace, Conflict, and Justice studies. Angell underscores the society's commitment to creating an inviting and accessible space that extends beyond traditional classroom settings. This environment aims to spark interest and foster a more profound comprehension of migration and displacement nuances among students who might not have the chance to explore these issues. He points out that AIMAS is dedicated to "cultivating interest and guiding students into the field," emphasizing the society's openness to students from all disciplines and academic levels, and its appreciation for diverse viewpoints.

Looking ahead, AIMAS is poised to enhance its impact through increased dialogue and engagement. This includes welcoming guest speakers from distinguished fields to its meetings starting in 2024, and planning for the potential organization of symposiums to showcase research, encourage discussions that transcend undergraduate discourse, and promote interactions with peers from global institutions.

AIMAS organizes biweekly gatherings at the Asian Pathways Lab, where participants discuss pre-selected readings aligned with the monthly theme. Additionally, students are encouraged to contribute their insights on the topics explored, with the aim of incorporating these contributions into the society's monthly reports to further enrich the discourse.