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2004.60.43_1The University of Toronto Library system, the largest in Canada, is currently ranked third among academic research libraries in North America, behind Harvard and Yale. The research and special collections comprise almost 11.5 million print volumes, nearly 5.5 million microform volumes, more than 17,000 journal subscriptions, and a rich collection of manuscripts, films, and cartographic materials. The Library also provides access to approximately 900,000 electronic resources in various forms including e-books, e-journals, and digital text collections. The Library is committed to working with the Centre for South Asian Studies to ensure that its resources reflect the teaching needs and research strengths of the University in this area.

In 1968, Library partnered with the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Book Programme to ensure that monographs and journals in South Asian Studies published in India reached library shelves at the University of Toronto. These materials, along with those acquired through a relationship with Library of Congress established in the 1990s, are primarily in the languages of the region including Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Urdu, as well as in English. There are currently over 120,000 print volumes, including encyclopedic and multi-volume works, and over 150 journal subscriptions. In addition, the library has over 200,000 volumes on South Asian studies from around the world in English and other European languages. Library collections and e-resources can be accessed via LibGuide to South Asian Resources.


CSAS Publications Series

In its earlier incarnations, the Centre for South Asian Studies hosted a publications series.  This former publications series yielded a wide range of monographs in the humanities and social sciences on South Asia. Below is a list of the Centre for South Asian Studies Publications titles available at the University of Toronto Libraries.

Titles marked with asterisks (*) are available for purchase from the Centre for South Asian Studies. For some titles, we have enough imprints for courses. Please contact for more information on purchasing these titles.



A.P. Adhikari & K.M. Sharma Economic Development in Nepal: Issues and Strategies (1994)*
D. Ambalavanar, R. Cheran, & C. Kanaganayakam New Demarcations: Essays in Tamil Studies (2008)*
D.W. Atwood, M. Israel, & N.K. Wagle City, Countryside and Society in Maharashtra (1988)*
N.C Behera, P.M. Evans, & G. Rizvi Beyond Boundaries: A Report on the State of Non-Official Dialogues on Peace, Security & Cooperation in South Asia (1997)
N.K. Choudhry & S. Mansur The Indira-Rajiv Years: The Indian Economy and Polity 1966–91 (1994)*
G. Coehlo  & N.K. Wagle Goa: Continuity and Change (1995)*
Z. De Souza, N. Wagle, P Nazareth, B Mehta Uganda South Asians Exodus: Koolian Perspectives  (2002)*
B. Gulati & N.K. Wagle Politics and the Economy of Burma Today
M. Israel Nehru and The Twentieth Century (1991)*
M. Israel & N.K. Wagle Religion and Society in Maharashtra (1987)
M. Israel & N.K. Wagle Ethnicity, Identity, Migration: The South Asian Context (1993)*
A. Jain, Jesse S. Palsetia and N.K. Wagle Rights and Privileges: Fifty years of the Indian Constitution (2003)*
A. Jain and N.K. Wagle India’s Crisis Revolution: The Nuclear Issue  (1998)
A. Jain and N.K. Wagle The Indian General Election of 1998: A Discourse
David Jongeward Buddhist Art of Pakistan and Afghanistan: The Royal Ontario Museum Collection of Gandhara Sculpture (2003)
W.H. McLeod , M. Israel, & J.T. O’Connell Sikh History & Religion in the 20th Century (1990)*
Joseph T. O’Connell Jain Doctrine and Practice: Academic Perspectives (2000)*
Leonard C.D.C. Priestley Pudgalavada Buddhism: The Reality of the Indeterminate Self (1999)*
A. G. Rubinoff Canada and South Asia: Political and Strategic Relations (1992)*
A. G. Rubinoff Canada and the States of South Asia (1990)
A. G. Rubinoff Canada and South Asia: Issues and Opportunities (1988)
N.K. Wagle & Olle Qvarnstrom Approaches to Jaina Studies: Philosophy, Logic, Rituals and Symbols (1999)*
N.K. Wagle & F. Watanabe Studies on Buddhism in Honour of Professor A.K. Warder (1993)*
David Waterhouse Dance of India: History, Perspectives and Prospects (1998)*




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