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The Chu Program and Asian Institute together host seminars, conferences, and events that showcase cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on the Asia-Pacific. We also support a vibrant community of student organizations, which publish academic journals and sponsor social and academic activities including career panels, debates, fundraisers, film screenings, academic conferences, and much more. Explore the student groups we support:

Undergraduate Studies

Due to the enormous success of its undergraduate teaching program in Asia-Pacific Studies, the Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies and the Asian Institute joined to establish a new and expanded undergraduate program called the Dr. David Chu Program in Contemporary Asian Studies, which launched in 2013 and continues to be expanded and strengthened in its commitment to pedagogical excellence. The Chu Program has supported research activities by students in Contemporary Asian Studies for many years, including providing supplementary funding for International Course Modules (ICMs) funded by the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students in the capstone seminar CAS400Y: Critical Perspectives on Asian Modernity, have travelled to Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Burma, and most recently Vietnam to conduct fieldwork relating to the themes they study in class. Read more about the recent ICM to Vietnam on the Faculty of Arts and Science News Site.

students in Vietnam for CAS international course module

CAS400Y and CAS370H students in Vietnam over reading week 2016 for International Course Module studying urban infrastructures. Photo by Timothy Tse.

Graduate Studies

At the Master’s level, the Asian Institute is home to the Collaborative Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, where students completing a Master’s Degree in a home discipline can come together for an interdisciplinary exploration of the Asia-Pacific region.

We are also home to a vibrant community of Asian Studies graduate students, a strong and diverse group working on a variety of Asian sites, cross-Asia dynamics, and Asian prisms on global processes and universal problems. Through strong graduate student participation, we are actively building our community in workshops, teaching opportunities and support for research. The Asian Institute and Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies core leadership therefore encourage those of you who are researching Asia and Asian worlds – whether or not you are currently active at the AI or and new to it – to sign up formally to the Asian Institute Graduate Student Network. We will use this list to keep you informed about events, awards, opportunities.

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Interested students are encouraged to explore the program websites and contact Katherine MacIvor, Program Administrator and Communications Officer at the Asian Institute, for more information, at

Graduate Student Network

We encourage U of T graduate students researching Asia and Asian worlds – whether or not you are currently active at the Asian Institute or new to it – to sign up formally to the Asian Institute Graduate Student Network. We will use this list to keep you informed about events, awards, opportunities, and invite you to take part in our vibrant graduate student community.

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