Asian Institute, Dr. David Chu program in Contemporary Asian Studies

CAS Course Highlights: CAS390 Asian Digital Network Practicum

Meet CAS Student and CASSU Co-President Hannah Yin 

Hannah: Hi! My name is Hannah. I am an incoming third-year that is doing a specialist in Peace, Conflict, and Justice, a major in Contemporary Asian Studies, and a minor in Political Science. 

Asian Institute: Hi Hannah! What course are you highlighting today? 

Hannah: CAS390, Asian Digital Network Practicum 

Asian Institute: What was the course about? 

Hannah: It was actually a service-learning class where we got paired up with NGOs that focused on Asian issues and we were able to work very closely with their team on issues that they were really passionate about.  

Asian Institute: What prompted you to enroll in the course? 

Hannah: I saw that this was a very special opportunity. Actually, at first, I thought that it wasn’t real. I thought that it wasn’t actually going to be a practicum, but it allowed me to have a very hands-on experience with an NGO. 

Asian Institute: What was something cool the course let you do? 

Hannah: When I took the class, I was able to actually meet with both the Canadian and the American teams since we had a branch that was working all over North America, and I thought that was a really wonderful experience.  

Asian Institute: Settle it once and for all… Which food truck is the best food truck? 

Hannah: I think the brown food truck is the best food truck on St. George by far. First of all, it has a really wonderful location, it’s right by Sid Smith and also it’s wonderfully priced for the amount of food. And its topping bar and sauce bar is phenomenal. 

Asian Institute: Thanks Hannah! See you around!