For employers

For employers

By hiring an MPP student or graduate – full time, or as part of our summer internship program – you are accessing the best and brightest young minds in public policy today.

As part of the Master of Public Policy curriculum, our students develop strong skills in leadership, analysis, communication, and research through rigorous two-year academic programming and practitioner training as well as their for-credit summer internship

After their first year, MPP students can already hit the ground running and immediately begin to add value in your organization through:

Networking in Ottawa
  • Policy formulation and development
  • Strategic implementation
  • Economic and statistical analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Communication of complex issues
  • Program design
  • Providing social context for policy-making

As an employer of a recent MPP graduate, you are adding boundless energy, fresh, critical skills and a deep understanding of public policy and practices to your team. You are building important relationships with the brightest policy students in Canada, and helping them to make the link between knowledge and application, which is so critical for the future of good policy and governance.

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