Student leadership initiatives

Student leadership initiatives

Student leadership initiatives

MPP students are engaged in an array of dynamic leadership initiatives at the Munk School – while studying for your degree, you can take part in a range of Student Leadership Initiatives (SLIs), case competitions and conferences. From publishing journals and hosting podcasts to serving as consultants on real-world problems, the student leadership initiatives offer the chance to get involved, gain experience and apply your skills. 

Student leadership initaitives

Beyond the Headlines

Beyond the Headlines is a weekly one-hour current affairs radio show & podcast airing on Mondays at 11AM on CIUT 89.5. Through discussions with leading Canadian and global experts, we aim to capture the essence of important public policy and global affairs issues. By taking a “deep dive” into a new subject each week, our objective is to take listeners beyond the immediacy of our daily news. We aspire to create content that is accessible to a wider audience, not simply those who have an academic background in policy. We have ambitions to become Canada’s premier venue for informed & non-partisan policy discourse. We are looking to recruit producers who are creative, full of initiative, and value working closely with teammates. No journalism or audio editing experience? Don’t worry - we’ll teach you all you need to know! If this sounds like you, look out for applications in September! In the meantime we invite you to listen to one of our past episodes, check out our social media and get in touch with our executives if any questions arise.  

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Consulting Careers Initiative

The Consulting Careers Initiative (CCI) provides students pursuing a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and a Master of Global Affairs (MGA) degree an opportunity to develop and enhance the skills necessary for a career in consulting. Throughout the year students will be engaged in a variety of events and networking opportunities such as a case competition, resume and interview workshops, and a speaker series with industry professionals. In addition to providing important career development resources for students, CCI aims to showcase MPP and MGA students’ skills and abilities to prospecting consulting firms. We strive to be innovative in our approach to expand CCI’s network while supporting the prestigious brand of the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy.   

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Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a student leadership initiative at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. EWG offers public policy and global affairs students the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and expand their skills together. In particular, EWG is a platform for interested students to explore environmental issues while networking with alumni and industry professionals working in areas such as cleantech, climate policy, ESG finance, and sustainability consulting. Our group hopes to expose students to sustainability-related career paths while also providing the opportunity to practice creating policy-related content on environmental topics. EWG welcomes all MGA and MPP students. Whether you are already passionate about environmental and climate policy or just looking to learn something new, this group is for you. 

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Equity, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative

The Equity, Diversity, and Public Policy Initiative (EDPP) promotes the adoption of an intersectional lens in policy analysis. EDPP is a graduate student-led organization at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and encourages the discussion of gender and identity-based inequalities in the realm of public policy in collaboration with Munk School student initiatives, faculty and administration, our alumni advisory group, and other networks within the University of Toronto landscape. 

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Ford + Munk Conference

Ford+Munk is an annual policy case competition hosted by the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy. Ford+Munk provides a unique opportunity for students to tackle pressing policy issues affecting both Canada and the US. The annual three-day event consists of workshops, an expert speakers panel, time for teams to develop their proposed solutions, and presentations to judges.  

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Indigenous Policy Initiative

The Indigenous Policy Initiative is intended to enhance Munk students’ awareness and interest in Indigenous issues, encourage the consideration of Indigenous perspectives in policy and provide meaningful educational opportunities for students. The projects are diverse in their approach so as to provide self-learning and research opportunities, and instructor-led training to be suitable for different learning styles and provide maximum benefit for the students and the broader Munk community.  

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Mental Health Policy Initiative

The Mental Health Policy Initiative (MHPI) is a student-led organization whose mission is to bring together aspiring policy professionals who are passionate about applying their skills to the mental health domain. We have twin goals: first, we wish to actively foster a “culture of care” at the Munk School through community-building, raising awareness, and holding events for students. Second, we aim to provide students with a space where they can try applying a mental health lens to some of the policy questions they may encounter in both the MPP and MGA programs. Ours is a newer Student Leadership Initiative, but we are building on the successes of our first year in operation and we’d be delighted to welcome interested individuals to our inclusive and growing team!  

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Munk School Black Students' Association

The Munk School Black Student Association (MSBSA) is a student-led initiative that seeks to empower Black and racialized students through advocacy, anti-racism initiatives, promoting allyship and breaking down academic and/or professional barriers. We provide guidance, support, and direction for Black Students in their academic, social, and professional endeavours. This initiative offers inclusive opportunities for leadership, community engagement and networking for racialized students and their allies at the Munk School, while committing to tackle anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination. As a promoter of allyship in the Munk School community, the MSBSA welcomes all people willing to support the success of our mission. 

The MSBSA has four main objectives:  

  1. Foster inclusion of Black and racialized students within the Munk School - building safe spaces. 
  2. Provide opportunities for, mentorship, academic and professional development. 
  3. Ensure allyship is fostered across all student-led Initiatives, the student body and wider Munk School community. 
  4. Advocate for more inclusion and diversity within the Munk School including in the student body, staff, and faculty. 

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Policy Innovation Initiative

The Policy Innovation Initiative (Pii) is a student-led think tank focused on generating innovative strategies and solutions to a vast array of policy issues. Pii’s aim is to assist emerging public policy professionals to develop their understanding of how policy-making is impacted by political, economic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental forces, and gain practical professional skills along the way. At Pii, analysts not only choose to research, analyze, and propose a solution to an issue that they are passionate about, but produce a deliverable of their choice in presenting their solution to expert policy professionals at an established forum. 

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Public Good Initiative (PGI)

The Public Good Initiative (PGI) is a student-led pro bono consulting organization whose goal is to build capacity in Ontario’s non-profit sector through partnerships & policy consulting services. Our student consultants are matched with non-profit organizations and play a vital role in supporting projects from beginning to end. Consultants gain experience working with clients while learning valuable skills to help prepare them for a career in public policy.

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Public Policy & Governance Review

The Public Policy and Governance Review (PPGR) is a student-led digital publication that showcases writing on public affairs by students, academics, and leaders in the policy world. PPGR is a platform for bold and thoughtful analysis, and for diverse perspectives on contemporary policy debates and discussions. 

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Spectrum promotes increased visibility for LGBT+ individuals in global affairs and public policy sectors by offering the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Spectrum hosts panels, workshops, and events to host conversations on LGBT+ policy and global affairs and also provide opportunities for professional development to LGBT+ students and allies at the Munk School. 

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