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Master of Public Policy / Juris Doctor

Joint Master of Public Policy / Juris Doctor 

Learn to integrate public policy considerations into the study of the law, and add a legal perspective to your understanding of public policy. The interrelationship between law and public policy is growing, as public policy becomes ever more complex and demanding, and legislation, jurisprudence and legal scholarship anticipate and respond to policy proposals and acts. The combined JD/MPP program levers these synergies between law and public policy, and will give you a significant competitive advantage in your field within an accelerated time frame.

Jackman Law Building

You must apply and be accepted into both programs separately. You can also apply to the MPP program during your first year of a JD degree.

Click here for information on admission to the MPP program.

Visit the Faculty of Law’s website for information on admissions to the JD program.

Program length

The combined MPP/JD program can be completed in four years, rather than the five years that it would take to complete the two degrees independently.

Degree requirements

In your first year of the combined MPP/JD program, you will complete the first year curriculum of the JD program. In the second year, you will complete the MPP1 curriculum courses (with the exception of PPG1008H)

During the rest of the joint program, you will complete MPP 2nd year courses PPPG2000H; PPG2002H; PPG2003H; PPG2008H; PPG2011H or PPG2022H and accumulate 41-45 upper year Law credits

Taken independently, the JD program would require completion of the first-year law program plus 52-64 law credits in upper-year courses, while the MPP would require 8.0 FCEs over two years.

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For more information on each collaborative specialization, along with application and admission details, contact the University of Toronto department or school that hosts the program.

 To discuss a non-standard collaborative specialization, contact MPP Program Administrator Petry Jory (