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Fees and financial aid

Fees and financial aid


Domestic Students
Tuition: $19,000 (2023-24 fees); Ancillary fees: $2003.96; Approximate total: $21,003.96 (2023-24 fees)
MPP domestic students entering in Fall 2024 tuition fee: $20,520 (+ incidental fees)

International Students
Tuition: $49,000 per year (2023-24 fees); Ancillary fees: $2003.96; UHIP: $756.00; Approximate total: $51,759.96 (2023-24 fees)
MPP international students entering in Fall 2024 tuition fee: $53,000 (+ incidental fees) 

*All amounts are in Canadian dollars, and are for one academic year.

Fees and financial aid

Students in the Master of Public Policy program have a number of financial aid, scholarship and award options available to them, and often fund their degree through a combination of scholarships, internships, research and TA positions, government loans, bank loans and personal finances.

The School does not offer formal financial aid or full-tuition funding – potential and current MPP students are encouraged to explore the options below when looking to fund their degree. Admitted students are advised that funding sources are limited once they have begun the program. 

We encourage you to plan a budget in advance of arriving at U of T. The University’s Awards and Admissions department offers budget tools and financial counselling to help students. Visit the School of Graduate Studies’ Awards and Funding web pages for a full list of funding options available through the University of Toronto.

Scholarships and awards

The MPP program offers merit-based scholarships to support incoming first year students upon admission to the program. You do not have to apply for these merit-based entrance scholarships as they are administered by Admission's Committee when a student is admitted based on the strength of your application when you apply to the program. Scholarship funding is also available for Indigenous students.

The MPP program also offers an array of merit based scholarships to MPP students in the second year of the program. You do not have to apply for these scholarships as they based on your GPA at the end of your first MPP year, as well as any criteria specific to the award.

Black Diaspora Excellence Scholarship
  • Awarded to an international MPP student (or MGA student in alternate years), either from a country in Africa or from the Black diaspora entering into the MPP (or MGA) program.
  • Awarded based on academic merit upon admission to the program. No separate application is required.
  • Awarded by the Admissions Committee in March/April.
  • Approx. value: $2,000
Paul Cadario Fellowship in Public Policy

Established by Munk School Distinguished Fellow Paul Cadario, this fellowship is awarded to approximately eight MPP students in their second year. It has an estimated value of $7,200.       

Mary Louise and Ronald Laidlaw Martin Graduate Scholarship in Public Policy

MPP students in their first year are nominated by the School for this scholarship, which is granted to two 2nd year students on the basis of academic merit. It has an estimated value of $5,130

Shirley Hoy Scholarship in Public Policy and Governance

MPP students in their first year are nominated by the School for this scholarship, which is granted to one domestic student on the basis of academic merit and financial need. It has an estimated value of $900.

Helene and George Coward Master of Public Policy

MPP students in their first year are nominated by the School for this scholarship, which is granted to three 2nd year students on the basis of academic merit. It has an estimated value of $7,000

Faculty of Arts & Science MPP Award

Up to 45 first-year MPP students are nominated by the School for this award, which is granted on the basis of academic merit and financial need. It has an estimated value of $1,000 – $2,000.

Mark Stabile Founding Director Award

Established by the Munk School’s Founding Director, Professor Mark Stabile, this award is given to one or two second-year students, based on academic merit. Students can apply by submitting a one-page summary of activities and initiatives to the MPP program director. The award has an estimated value of $1,000 – $2,000.

Cancer Care Ontario Scholarship

Established by Cancer Care Ontario, this scholarship is awarded to one outstanding second year MPP student with a demonstrated interest in health policy. It has an estimated value of $5,445.       

Government and emergency aid

School of Graduate Studies emergency loan

The SGS Emergency Loan alleviates temporary cash flow problems for students who are expecting the release of funds within 30-120 days from employment, an award instalment, the Ontario Student Assistance Program), teaching or research assistantship etc.

Loan applications are processed on an ongoing, continual basis throughout each academic session, and decisions are released within two business days. The average loan is $1,000-1,500, but may be for a larger amount depending on the relevant circumstances. The repayment date is normally no more than four months from the date of issue and the loan is interest-free until that date.

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The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Master of Public Policy is an OSAP-approved program – you can find it by searching the OSAP website using the keywords “global affairs”.

OSAP is run by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and funded by the provincial and federal governments. It is a need-based program that provides Ontario students with loans, grants, scholarships, and bursaries to help pay for tuition, books, mandatory fees, living costs, and transportation, based on a formula that compares educational costs to the student’s own income and assets.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Students who are Ontario residents (including students with a visa to study in the province) and with a GPA of 3.7 may apply for this award for $5,000 per semester. The MPP program accepts OGS applications directly, and is responsible for distributing the award. Applications are due on March 1 for international students and April 1 for domestic students.

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

MPP students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for the Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master’s Award, valued at $17, 500 (CAD). Year 1 MPP students and students applying to the MPP program may apply by Dec. 1  of each year, for use in the next academic year. Students must hold an 80% (A- or 3.7) average in their last two years of study to be eligible. Although the MPP program does not have a thesis component, MPP students are eligible to apply for SSHRC based on the research components of the required Capstone course and the elective independent study course.

Applicants must complete and submit the online application using the Government of Canada’s research portal. Students should refer to the CGS M application instructions currently housed on the NSERC’s website for details on how to complete their application.

Loans for Canadian students from outside Ontario

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for financial assistance from their provincial governments. It is recommended that you apply for student loans at least 10 weeks prior to the start of the new academic year. Please note that you may only ever hold a student loan from one province. Please see the appropriate link below for information on the student loans offered by your province of residence.

You can find links to the student loan website of each Canadian province and territory on the U of T’s Finances webpage.

Centre for International Experience study abroad funding

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers various funding opportunities for students who are planning to study abroad in their second year of the MPP program. Please visit the CIE website for more information.

Other Scholarships & Awards

Students are encouraged to visit ULife for postings on various external and internal awards and bursaries open to students.  Students should be proactive when applying for external and internal funding.

Teaching & Research Assistants

The MPP program does not offer Teaching Assistant (TA) positions as part of the offer of admissions. TA positions are posted by participating departments, and students are encouraged to seek out these positions independently.

Professors often have personal grants through which they fund Research Assistant (RA) positions. Students seeking an RA position should contact professors directly. The University’s work-study program also offers RA positions to students who qualify for OSAP. Please visit the Career Centre’s website in late August/early September for more information on the types of positions available.

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Graduate House at UofT


Grad House is the University of Toronto’s residence for graduate students. Students must apply directly for a spot – visit the Grad House website for more information, or visit the University’s website on off-campus housing for more housing options.