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Asian Institute

Join us in celebrating Asian Heritage Month!

The Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy invites you to join the wider University of Toronto community in celebrating Asian Heritage Month with us. The month of May is dedicated to recognizing and learning about Asian culture and history and promoting understanding and appreciation of the vital contributions that people of Asian descent have made and continue to make around the world. It is also an important time to acknowledge  and carry on the work of addressing racism and discrimination that people of Asian descent continue to face. 

The Asian Institute celebrates the contributions of our faculty and students who lead and convene research on Asia and its global connections. As a meeting place for in-depth, interdisciplinary research on East, South, and Southeast Asia, the Asian Institute’s research spans contemporary politics, comparative colonialisms, international development, new media, social protest, and revolution. 

Students at the Asian Institute, through coursework and opportunities such as the Insights through Asia Challenge, have life-changing academic experiences and develop social and professional networks that support them well beyond their graduation. 

At the Asian Institute, we’re continuing the work of recognizing Asian legacies and futures in Toronto and around the world. We facilitate research that builds bridges across disciplinary and geography borders, and supports the next generation of students in creating a brighter and more equitable future.  

We hope you will join us in exploring the remarkable breadth of programming that honours Asian Heritage Month at the University of Toronto and beyond, a selection of which we have listed below.

With warm wishes from the Asian Institute  

Asian Heritage Month Programming

Artwork by Taruneek Kapoor (@Messinolas), originally for OtherWise magazine