Student Programs

Explore our graduate, undergraduate and first-year foundation programs

Master’s Degree Programs

Our professional master’s degree programs attract an extraordinary group of students and position them to become outstanding leaders and effective problem solvers. Taught by leading faculty members from a wide range of disciplines, these programs combine rigorous coursework, professional internships and capstone courses to give students the tools they need to address the problems of a rapidly changing world. 

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Munk School offers undergraduate major and minor programs that provide deep insight into the culture, history, and politics of regions, and that address issues of global concern. From Contemporary Asian Studies and American Studies to Peace, Conflict and Justice, the Munk School’s undergraduate programs provide new ways of analyzing the world around us.

Munk One

The smallest of the first-year foundation programs at the University of Toronto, Munk One offers students in the Faculty of Arts & Science an opportunity to work closely with experts and to form a tight-knit community within Canada’s largest university. Students study problems from multiple perspectives, working across disciplines to develop the tools to become global problem solvers.