Ecologies of Empire Salon: Imperial Heat

May 14, 2024 | 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Centre for the Study of the United States

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Location: William Doo Auditorium | 45 Willcocks St.
Join us for Imperial Heat, the second in the Ecologies of Empire Salon series hosted by the TWIG Research Kitchen. Imperial Heat asks us to consider what we can know about colonialism, empire, and the governance of raced and gendered difference if we begin by exploring infrastructures of thermal comfort. Featuring Hi'ilei Hobart, author of Cooling the Tropics: Ice, Indigeneity, and Hawaiian Refreshment (Duke 2022) and Bharat Venkat, Director of the UCLA Heat Lab, this discussion will help us understand heating and cooling as political and deeply historicized processes with much to tell us about bodies, technoscience, and power. Our conversation will be moderated by Waqas Butt, author of Life Beyond Waste: Work and Infrastructure in Urban Pakistan (Stanford 2023).
CART captioning will be provided. The William Doo auditorium is wheelchair accessible.
Co-Sponsors: CSUS, TWIG Research Kitchen, Ziibing Lab
Centre for the Study of the United States
Sophie Bourret-Klein


Hobart_ Headshot
Hi'ilei Hobart

Ethnicity, Race, Migration, Yale University

Bharat_ headshot
Bharat Venkat

Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA

Waqas_ headshot
Waqas Butt

Anthropology, University of Toronto