MQIISP Policy Seminar Series: Session 5 - Community and Housing

November 10, 2022 | 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Munk School, Public policy

This event is over

This was the fifth online policy seminar in the Challenges and Opportunities for Social Policy in the Coming Decade series. The policy seminars were organized in part by policy sector, focusing on the tools available in different sectors; however, each panel considered how policies interconnect, and how vulnerable groups intersect to create concentrations of advantage and disadvantage.   

Increasingly we are coming to understand the importance of ‘place’ in public policy. The affordability of homes, the quality of public spaces, the availability of public transportation and other amenities of daily living varies enormously and creates self-reinforcing pockets of advantage and disadvantage that deepen social divides and incubate a range of challenges. The uneven distribution of public and community services creates under-serviced areas in urban, suburban, exurban and rural settings. How can a focus on place-based policy open new ways of thinking and innovation in policy and service provision?   

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Sponsored by Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and Queen's University Policy Studies.
Munk School, Public policy


Headshot of Karen Chapple
Karen Chapple

Director, School of Cities, University of Toronto

Headshot of Michelle Norris
Michelle Norris

Professor of Social Policy; Director, Geary Institute for Public Policy; University College Dublin

Headshot of Denise Andrea Campbell
Denise Andrea Campbell

Executive Director of Social Development, Finance and Administration, City of Toronto