Prospects for the Poland-Canada strengthened alliance at the time of war in Ukraine and beyond

March 21, 2023 | 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Europe, Russia & Eurasia, Global governance

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This event takes place in Room 108N, North House, 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, ON.
Poland in recent years has grown to become a regional leader in the area of security, energy, economy and more. Building on strong relations with its partners in the Central Eastern Europe, Poland initiated numerous effective regional formats, including the economy oriented Three Seas Initiative that binds 12 neighboring countries from Estonia to Croatia or the Bucharest 9 format that allows for the coordination of the strategic coordination of the NATO eastern flank. Recently, in the wake of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Poland’s role has become visible globally. In his talk, Poland’s Ambassador Witold Dzielski will delve into the rationale of further deepening of the Poland-Canada partnership.
About the speaker:
On April 28, 2022, Witold Dzielski took office as Poland’s Ambassador to Canada. From 2015, he was Director of the Bureau of International Policy at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, responsible for President Andrzej Duda’s foreign activities. Earlier, he worked at the Department of Americas at the Poland’s Foreign Ministry. 2007-2012, while posted at Poland’s Embassy in Washington D.C., he was responsible for EU-US relations, as well as Polish-Jewish affairs. Prior, among other professional activities, he was a university lecturer and a high school teacher. He was active in several civic society organization dealing with topics revolving around transatlantic affairs and human rights. He is an author of a fantasy novel and policy articles. An Aikido black belt, former captain of a basketball team. Has a wife and two sons.
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Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Europe, Russia & Eurasia, Global governance
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Witold Dzielski
Witold Dzielski

Poland’s Ambassador to Canada