Bounding Power~∞ :The ASI Control Problem, Public Safety & Republican Constitutionalism

April 18, 2023 | 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Munk School

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'Munk Centre For International Studies - 1 Devonshire Place
This seminar is intended for graduate students and faculty.
The technologies of artificial intelligence are rapidly advancing, and many experts anticipate the emergence of a machine with powers vastly dwarfing humanity, and capable of extinguishing humanity.  Human survival may depend on the design and implementation of restraints on AI, but can this be done?  This paper explores how the seemingly novel ASI control problem is in many ways an extension of the republican constitutional project of restraining centralized state power to protect popular liberty and security, and of designing machines and infrastructures artifacts for public safety.
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Daniel Deudney

Professor, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

Devanshu Singh

Data Analyst, C4ADS (Center for Advanced Defense Studies)