Summer Institute - Corruption During COVID-19: Looking Backward and Forward

May 8-9, 2023

This event is over

This event will take place in Seminar Room 108N, Munk School, 1 Devonshire Place Toronto
***Tickets for this in person workshop are limited, we ask your presence for both days if you are planning on registering***
This event is co-hosted by the WHO Collaborating Center for Governance, Accountability and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Sector along with the Centre for Global Health in the University of Toronto. This event is sponsored by the Connaught Global Challenge. The event will be organized in person and tickets are limited so please make sure you are able to attend if you are signing up.
This two-day workshop will focus on lessons learned and forgotten about managing corruption risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also focus on how anti-corruption, transparency and accountability mechanisms are essential to prevent corruption risks during public health emergencies.
Who Should Attend?
We welcome participants who are students, researchers and policy makers
To foster interdisciplinary discussion and debate and share knowledge with target audiences (students, researchers, and global health policy makers) on corruption risks in public health emergencies as well as anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability (ACTA) mechanisms to address them.
This workshop will:
  • Discuss corruption risks during public health emergencies and their impact on health equity, particularly for the most marginalized populations
  • Identify how the COVID-19 pandemic amplified corruption risks in the health system
  • Highlight lessons learned and lessons forgotten about how to address corruption risks in public health emergencies
  • Discuss the roles and risks of involving for-profit companies in development and delivery of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19
The agenda will be shared with participants closer to the date of the event however some of the topics will deal with corruption risks associated with procurement, health worker recruitment, whistleblowing systems, international misconduct and more.
Speakers include (more to confirmed and announced)
Jillian Kohler, Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Governance, Transparency & Accountability in the Pharmaceutical SectorUniversity of Toronto
Erica Di Ruggiero, Associate Prof. of Global Health & Director, Centre for Global Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Daniela Cepeda, Health Adviser, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre
Jonathan Cushing, Programme Director, Transparency International
Mostafa Hunter, Founder and President, Health Governance International, USA
Obinna Onwujekwe, Professor, Health Economics and Policy and Pharmacoeconomics in the Departments of Health Administration & Management and Pharmacology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria
Helen Liao