Ito Peng
Munk School

Welcoming Ito Peng as affiliated faculty

We extend a warm welcome to Professor Ito Peng as affiliated faculty of the Centre for the Study of Global Japan. She is Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, the Canada Research Chair in Global Social Policy, and Director of the University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Social Policy. She teaches political sociology and social contexts of public policy, specializing in family, gender, and demographic issues, migration and comparative social policy.

Professor Peng is an expert of social policy in Japan and the Japanese welfare state. Her research interests also include social policy reforms in other East Asian and European countries, political economy of welfare state transformations, and immigrant women’s health and its policy implications in Ontario. She has been active in policy research with international organizations and has undertaken research for UNRISD, UNESCAP, and the World Bank.

Professor Peng has held a variety of senior leadership positions at the University of Toronto. Prior to being the Director of the Centre for Global Social Policy, Professor Peng was the Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary & International Affairs at the Faculty of Arts and Science. She has also served as the Chair and Director of Dr. David Chu Program in Asia Pacific Studies and the Director of Centre for the Studies of Korea, both at the Asian Institute. Presently, Professor Peng is a senior fellow of Massey College, Trinity College; and a senior fellow of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.