Avni Shah

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough
Cross-appointment, Rotman School of Management
Cross-appointment, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Headshot of Avni Shah

Areas of interest

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing management
  • Market intelligence
  • Pricing
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Healthcare marketing


Main Bio

Professor Avni Shah is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough, with a cross-appointment to the Marketing area at the Rotman School of Management and to the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. Using field and laboratory data, Avni investigates how payment influences consumer decision-making and consumer well-being particularly in financial and health contexts. Her research has covered a broad range of topics such as looking at how paying with different forms of payment influence purchase behavior and how paying a surcharge on unhealthy food items influences unhealthy food consumption. Avni's work has been published in the Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Marketing Research, and Psychological Science.

Select publications

  • Shah, Avni M. & George Wolford. (2007). “Buying Behavior as a Function of Parametric Variation in Number of Choices,” Psychological Science 18 (5): 369-370. *Lead Article
  • Shah, Avni M., James R. Bettman, Peter A. Ubel, Punam Anand Keller & Julie A. Edell (2014), “Surcharges Plus Unhealthy Labels Reduce Demand for Unhealthy Menu Items,”
  • Journal of Marketing Research 51(December): 773-789.
  • Shah, Avni M., Noah Eisenkraft, James R. Bettman & Tanya L. Chartrand. (2015), “ ‘Paper or Plastic?’: How We Pay Influences Post-Transaction Connection,” Conditionally Accepted at Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Shah, Avni M., James R. Bettman & John Payne (2015), “How the Pain of Payment Can Magnify and Mitigate Choice Overload Effects,” Invited Revision at Marketing Science.