Areas of interest

  • Emerging Market Economies
  • International Economic Integration
  • International Financial System and Global Governance
  • Canadian Public Policy


Main Bio

Wendy Dobson is a Professor Emerita at the Rotman School of Management and former Canadian Associate Deputy Minister of Finance. She has offered courses in international business and Canadian public policy. Dobson is a former President of the C.D. Howe Institute Canada’s leading in dependent economic think tank, and has served as a non-executive director of a number of Canadian companies in finance and energy. She has also chaired the Pacific Trade and Development (PAFTAD) pan-Pacific research network.  She is a director of the Canadian Ditchley Foundation and the Leacock Foundation.   She has published more than two dozen books and articles on Asia and the International economy. Gravity Shift: How Asia’s New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the 21st Century (2009) was a prize winner in Canada and received a Chinese award for the Mandarin edition. More recent books include Partners and Rivals: the Uneasy Future of China’s Relationship with the United States (2013). In 2020 her latest book Living with China: A Middle Power Finds its Way (September 2019) was a Finalist for the 2019 Donner Prize for the best book in Canadian public policy and Finalist 2020 for The National Business Book Award.

Select publications

Her most recent book is Partners and Rivals: The Uneasy Future of China’s Relationship with the United States, and Gravity Shift: How Asia’s New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the 21st Century was a finalist for the National Business Book Award in 2010 while the Mandarin translation, Ya Zhou Xin Shi Li,  was awarded the Annual Award for the Best Book in Finance and Economics by China’s well known and influential website Other recent publications include The Future of Canada’s Relationship with China, co-author Paul Evans; Financial Development in Asia: Work in Progress with Edward K. Y. Chen, Eds.; Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Asia and the Pacific (editor); Chinese SOEs and Canada’s FDI Policy Canada; and China and Rising Asia: A Strategic Proposal.

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