Picture of a smiling young woman helping an elderly woman in a wheelchair
Report, Innovation, Public policy, Reach Alliance, Munk School

The Implications of Self-Directed Home Care in Ontario: A Case Study on Gotcare Services

Canada faces a shortage of home care options that will intensify as the proportion of older adults in the country continues to increase—especially in rural and remote regions. In Ontario, the number of older adults (>65) is expected to grow from 2.4 million (or 16.9% of the population) in 2018 to 4.6 million (or 23.4% of the population) by 2046.2

Researchers from the Reach Alliance, based at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, conducted a qualitative case study on an innovative home care company in Ontario called Gotcare. It provides home care services using a self-directed model of care that uses technology. We explore how self-directed home care is delivered, the experiences of Gotcare employees facilitating this type of care, and perspectives from home care experts on the Implications of Self-Directed Home Care in Ontario concept of self-directed home care.