Headshot of Teresa Kramarz
Munk One, Munk School

Teresa Kramarz is Climate Social Science Network’s Scholar of the Week

The Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) has announced Teresa Kramarz as their Scholar of the Week.

Alongside being a CSSN Scholar, Kramarz is the Co-Director of the Environmental Governance Lab, Munk One‘s director, and an associate professor at the Munk School. Prior to her academic career, she worked extensively with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the Canadian International Development Agency on sustainable development programs, institutional analysis and capacity building for the biodiversity, climate change and decertification conventions.

Kramarz’s research focuses on global environmental governance, international organizations, and public-private partnerships. Her current research programs are dealing with accountability in global environmental governance, World Bank partnerships, and extractives and development. 

Kramarz has published three books on the environment: Populist Moments and Extractivist States in Venezuela and Ecuador: The People’s Oil?​ (Palgrave 2021) Forgotten Values: The World Bank and Environmental Partnerships (MIT Press, 2020) and Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap (MIT Press, 2019). Most recently, she worked with a team of undergraduate students from across the Munk School to publish a chapter in the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Urban and Regional Futures

CSSN is an international network of scholars launched in October 2020, housed at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. Members are social scientists who produce peer-reviewed research focused on understanding political conflict over climate change. One of Kramarz’ Environmental Governance Lab co-directors Steven Bernstein is also part of the network.

Read more about Kramarz at CSSN​.org